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well started gyp

I have a well started leopard gyp she just turned 2 and has the nose and hunt found several on her own bay till another dog gets there if under a 100 lbs . needs more time in the woods then I can give her . she has had one litter of pups last year accidentally breed but I have one puppy out of her now and she is jam up . text for pics 352-423-0904 serious texts only please I want 200 for her firm I live in central fl in citrus county cody Email: hogchasercrlt21@gmail.com


Old Blood July Hounds

I got a litter of July pups coming, I may not need them all. Will be fast, tough and pretty gritty. Hard to find this kind. These should be able to drive something hard. Call Carol 352-326-5886, I will sell these 125.00 Here Thanks guys Carol Merritt


Two foundation bred blackmouths 4or5 have to look at papers one male solid on hogs 600$ other female been started 500$ prefer text located in Gainesville tx Jacob Phone Number: 940-736-9519

Nalc Reg. Catahoula Male, adult, proven

Nalc Reg. Catahoula male adult, proven stud, hogdog, both baying and catch, 4 yrs. old Red Leopard with double blue glass eyes; $450. Bloodlines; Blue Sky, and Camp a While mainly Only letting go because i have 3 daughters out of him, and downsizing. He has great discipline with other dogs, people, kids, etc. very well mannered, good nature Located in central Tx. can text pics. with phone # but for more details call 512-567-6769, or email rcase2@austin.rr.com
Ray Case

Finished cur dogs

Finished cur dogs, long range, silent, gritty, do it all on their on, look great, handle perfect, as good as it gets, will show in woods, 1000 each, florida, 352-258-9040
Sean kelley

Finished full blooded female red bone.

I have a 3 year old completely finished red bone female hound. Guaranteed to find you a hog will hunt all night will range way out over a mile sometimes we have had her at 2 miles. Very long range dog. Will give a 2 week trial with cash in my hand. $2,500 and not a penny less. She is well worth it. She is open on track but not as bad as they could be. Will honor a bay all day. Also have 3 pups 5 weeks old should be some go getters. 50 a piece.
Lane kitchens Email: lane.kitchens@yahoo.com
Phone Number: 478-508-7637

Chevy Red pitbulls

Chevy Red pitbulls for sale good for hog catching or weight pulling . Dogs will be very large. Sire is approx. 135lbs Dam is 90lbs. Pups are ADBA registered. Can send pics of pups and parents up on request. 903-806-9278. Adam


I have two 13 month old male and female walker/bluetick cross for sale. Parents are jam up dogs they are medium-long range and silent on track. These are some nice looking dogs with potential to be as good or better than the parents. These dogs have only been on a few hunts with the parents before i sold them for top dollar. These dogs are bread to make awesome hog dogs and since I don’t have time to hunt anymore they need to go to a good home, someone who will put them in the woods running with good silent dogs to finish them out. Asking $450 for one or $800 for both.
Justin Phone Number: 903-284-7155

Black Mouth Cur for sale

I have a two year old NKC registered, male, black mouth cur for sale. He has been used for breeding. He is a full blooded Howard Line dog. He has a big personality and needs a lot of room to run. Big and strong cur very stocky with good height, he weighs around 90 pounds. Asking $500. Call or text with any questions or for pictures. Jessica 229-256-9532
Jessica Watson

Finished tator bred dog

7 year old son of tator finished hog dog, best dog I’ve ever hunted behind produces hogs he’s been hunted every way you can hunt one and he’ll find pigs however you wanna hunt him (cast,rig,hood,walk,ect…) located in Gainesville tx 3500$ firm perfer text (940)736-9519

help dog

Brindle cur female.. around 3-4 yrs old.. mainly a help dog, sticks around till she hears the dogs and then she’s gone goin to em..catches when she gets there, if its a big big hog ive had her sit back and bay, will put teeth if it tries to run tho… she has found her own hogs in fresh fresh sign, and winded one or two.. she is trash broke… won’t go after other game or livestock and will tattle tail if another dog gets on a deer. 
Not selling her as a find dog..selling her as a help dog. Very even tempered gyp, won’t fight on yard, or in dog box. $100 located in Holden, la 225-347-4253
txt for pictures lexy Email: tkhogdogger88@gmail.com

Lacy Males

I have 2 male lacys 2 years old for sale One ranges about 600 to 700 yards he will find his own hog and stick with a runner very rough $300… The other ranges 200-300 yards sami open on track will also stick with a runner and rough also $250. With these two dogs you don’t need a catch dog. Also have a 2 year old redbone male open on hot track short range dog $200. All are trash broken, not finished but very well started. Call or text 9035048799 located out of Canton, Tx Tracy L Daugherty Email: traclynn1982@gmail.com Phone Number: 903-504-8799

Male pit pup

Male chocolate and white pit pup for sale.. had him going to a friend, but they changed their mind. 
Both parents are working dogs. Dam chocolate and white and is retired due to missing canines and was an ear/jaw dog, normally sent her at 2-300 yards … Sire is solid red and belongs to a friend of mine, and he is a straight ear dog, long winded, send to bay or run with bay dogs. 
Asking $70 and he is ready to go, has age appropriate vaccinations and worming. Located in Holden, la (225) 347-4253 alexis Email: tkhogdogger88@gmail.com


Bird bull x cur finished Rcd 7years old little slow but stills gets it done this dog will out strike most strike dogs and will catch 850$ Located in Gainesville tx Jacob Phone Number: 940-736-9519

4 dogs

I have 4 dogs for sale, 3 registered bmc and 1 plot/bulldog puppy,
2 yr old female bmc, will find hogs just won’t stop them but hunts good $300
1 yr old bmc male, still young, but will take a hot track needs more work and more hogs. $350
9 month old bmc female,hunts good just started baying. $250
5 month old pup, beautiful dog $125
Will take $850 for all 4.
Hunter Phone Number: 850-241-3483

2 dogs . 1 finished , 1 started

I have 2 dogs that I don’t need . 1 is a male finished Florida cur . Med range , very gritty . 
He is 7 years old and very seasoned . He’s found and caught hundreds of hogs , he has the scars to prove it . He is silent and will stick with a runner . 
The other dog is 1/2 cat 1/2 Florida cur . She is 1.5 years old , has a lot of potential . She will help catch , but not super gritty . $600 gets you both dogs , I will not seperate . James 863-701-6547 Lakeland Fl Email: jamesgoffe@hotmail.com

wire hair/ redbone

I have for sale a female German wire hair/ redbone cross. She is 8 months old I have had her in the woods half a dozen times. She shows potential. Goes with other dogs I just have a few other young dogs im hunting more and have another litter on the way. Asking $100 I live in western nc. Call or text anytime. Bradley Nuckolls Phone Number: 828-421-0650

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