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Finished redbone 7 yrs old trash broke hog finding machine no quit keeps race going open on track 1500$. Also two 4 month old male walker, plott, cur cross off of my best dogs 50$ apiece. Located in north ms 662-902-2555 ask for taylor allen flowers 12/5/14
Walker, Black and Tan, Plott - Walker gyp about 3 years old. Hard hunter and good nose. Open on the track. Will put her mouth on one if something else catches, but will sit back and bay. Black and Tan male about 3 years old. Open on the track. Registered Plott male 2 years old. Open on the track and fast. Not very gritty at all and only runs hogs. 250 for the walker. 200 for Black and Tan. 400 for the walker and Black and Tan pair. 400 for the Plott. Call or text 318-452-5504. 12/02/14
Blackmouth male dog 3 years old $1,000 Yellow Mt Cur 3 years old $1,000 2 years old Plott and bird dog cross $800 Black Male Dog 4 years old $1,000 all these dogs find their own hogs in the woods and have been hunted in the woods. Buddy Dunlap 580-587-2221 HOME 580-982-8913 CELL 12/01/14
Hog dogs for sale - Hounds and Curs also Top Plott hounds breeding for sale call for details Greg Noah 205-405-6935 11/13/14

Parker Curs for sale 2 six week old female parker cur pups for sale. dewormed and 1st shots. $300.00 each 1 two year old female parker cur, started but needs more time out, up to date on vaccinations and h.w. preventative $400.00 or all three for $900.00. Call or text Casey 337-280-0633 leave message 11/10/14

5 puppies for sale. 4 way cross, bird dog, bull dog, walker, plot and mother is silent gave $2300 for the mother. Asking $200 donation a piece to Boardacious Ministries ( a non-profit Christian outreach program). Will write you a receipt for taxes. Call Jon 205-272-2634 10/28/14

For Sale 2yr Female BMC awesome young dog out of my woods dogs. $400 Also two 5 month old BMC pups off my dogs $150 each (337-378-7288) Newton,Tx. 10/24/14

2 Hounds for Sale - One hound is a B/T. About 2 years old, finished. Second hound is a Plott. Also about 2 years old and finished. Text for more information or pictures. (334)301-5448 10/21/14

I have 4 blackmouth curs,, a jagd terrier, 3 six month old jagd american bulldog crosses, and 4 two year old American bulldog crosses. Also, one catahoula. They range from "will find a hog " to "never seen a hog" ,, none are what i would call finished, but the better ones will get out and hunt and be at the bay caught with the catch dog. Too many dogs for where i live , all dogs are free and will do right by you if you can put the time in to finish them. Mike 205-514-0110. Just north of b'ham Al DO NOT CONTACT ME AFTER 8:00 P.M. CENTRAL TIME 10/21/14

Full blooded dead silent male plott. Somewhere around 5y.o. Will not leave bay and will not quit a runner till he either loses it or you cut him off. Easy keep dog. Doesn't really even bark on chain till u feed or going hunting. He will put his teeth on one to stop it but after that he will back up and bay till other dogs catch. Very independent. Had him bay 2 hours or more till we got there with other dogs. He usually splits off from the other dogs and does his own thing. Never had him trash that I have seen. 2. 3/4 plott 1/4 BMC semi open to silent. 27 months old. This one is very gritty. He's gonna try any hog and will grab a tail or whatever he can to stop one. He also will not quit one till he loses it or you cut him off. Will wind off the box and will let you know when he smells one; he goes nuts. He's independant as well. These 2 dogs you better have long range antennas and plenty of time and gas when you go hunting. I did have some problems with this dog with armidillos this past season but that was just for one hunt, no problems since. 3. BMC/cat gyp semi open with the #2 dog alone she may yip on runner. She's around 3y.o. Semi gritty with other dogs will find her own hogs as well. On a runner depending on the weather she will go 5-8 miles average. I've seen her go farther and I've seen her go less. Haven't had any problems with her trashing. 4. BMC male around 3y.o. as well. He's pretty gritty as well. Never had any problems with him trashing and his bottom is pretty close to the same as the female and will find his own too. 5. catch dog goes too, big blue male with purple ribbon papers. catches ear if theres room if not hes on the side of face. Won't stop till he's dead or the hog is caught. very strong bite. I recommend just cutting the hogs ear to get him off. $4,700 will not split dogs. selling them all at once. come to my house and pick them up for 2 weeks cash in my hand with a written trial. Bring them back the same way they left if your not happy and I'll return your money. I have no place to hunt at the moment. all my spots wrapped up with deer hunters. I'd rather take you and buy them in woods but have nowhere to take you. also have garmin 220 and 4 dc40 collars with long range antennas. $600. I'm not gonna sit here and tell you they gonna go 900 yards every cast and all that hoop la. might be 300 yards might be a mile and a half. Turn them loose on sign or where you think hogs are and 9 times out of 10 they gonna go to them.adam_sanderson2002@yahoo.com 318-789-4122 West Monroe, La I'll throw n small dog box and pit's cut gear. 10/21/14

Got in a bad spot, so need to sell my dogs. 1) Tabby (Walker gyp). Silent. Won't run deer unless another dog starts it. Range is inconsistent. Sometimes she'll stay 400 or closer and sometimes she's over 1 mile. Finds hogs just not rough. ($1000) 2) Daisy (BMC pup) she's just a pup but found 2 hogs. But they outran her. Had her 600 by herself a time or two. But won't say she'll go out that far every time.($350) 3) Duke (BMC pup) he's found one. Stays closer than Daisy. Can go around 300-400 range. Not rough. ($350) 4) Gunner (BMC pup) found one hog also. Can go around 300-400. He's the rougher of the 3 pups. ($350) All pups are brother/sister. Located in Locust Grove, Oklahoma. My number is 918-373-5146. Call or Text. Email is Jackie.vines91@gmail.com 10/21/14

5 started and finished hog dogs. $200-$500. Located near Smithville, OK. Call A.B McReynolds at 580-703-3067 10/21/14

Started Bay Dogs for sale - 15 month old started red BMC male rough gritty bay dog I also have a started Blue leopard Catahoula Male 2 1/2- 3 yrs old bays good $400 for the pair (337-378-7288) Newton,TX. 10/21/14

Northern CA, I have couple dogs for sale 1st dog is a pure bred parker cur 1 1/2 years old been on lots of pigs is a great dog gets out and hunts never around your feet has struck 2 or 3 hogs on his own this dog is only getting better every hunt only reason he is getting sold is he really isn't rough enough for me, he is a ass end dog unless hog is caught he might grab a armpit, only wanting $400 for that dog. 2nd dog is Bmc x Mcnabb mix pup this dog is only 9 or 10 months old and have had him on half dozen hogs already he is a hunting dog to never around your feet at all always gone with the lead dog so far he is pretty loose dog gets grabby if hog is caught but is still younge mite get rougher as he gets older. Only wanting $100 for this dog. If interested call or text me at 707-266-4866 texting is best way to get a response rite back or if you call leave a voicemail. 10/21/14

1 1/2 year old bmc, 2 year old stag hound, grey hound, walker cross , 14 month old red healer bulldog cross,2 year old mix,and 6 month old lab, all dogs will bay good and help catch. Silent on track close to medium range but will go over a mile when they get after a hog $1,000.00 located in Lakeland Ga (229)356-3657 10/21/14

Male ½ Catahoula ½ Plott For Sale! I have a 1/2 Cat 1/2 Plott for sale. He is about 2 years old. He has found several hogs on his on. He had 6 big sows bayed by himself when we got to him on a hunt. He is really gritty. We hunt on four wheelers and side by sides he stays in front the whole time. NEVER follows the atv's. He usually ranges from 250-1.1 of a mile. He will not trash on deer or cattle. The only thing is he does like to fight with other male dogs. If there is fresh hog sign he will find it and hold it until you get there. If you don't like him I'll take him back. Great hog dog. Asking $1000.00 firm. I work in South Texas every other two weeks so i can meet with him. Can send pics. 580-775-2098 10/21/14

Hog dogs. I have 4 hog dogs for sale. First is a 100% finished female plott 7 yrs old. Trash broke. Trails and is not gritty, she is my best dog but her only problem is that she takes too old of a track so when she is trailing and my curs go to her open bark they cannot smell what she smells or see what she is trailing so when she jumps it they are not there. Jam up dog I hate to get rid of her but I don't need her trailing on old tracks. $750. Second is a nalc registered catahoula female 1 yr old she is taking a while to hunt but she is very gritty and will make a dog. $300. 3rd is two 6 month old Airedales $500 for both. Located in Tallahassee fl. 850-241-3483 10/21/14

Plott, bluetick, walker hounds for sale. I have a 1.5 year old Registered Plott male. Been on several hogs, very strong potential just a young dog. He is very open on the track. Has a good nose and has found several of his own hogs. Bay's loose not very gritty. He is off of a solid bear dog and a solid hog dog. The bluetick is registered and is a little over 2 years old. He has found his own hogs and is also open on the track. He never quits hunting and isn't a real gritty dog either. The walker is about 3 years old is a very good solid dog. He hunts very well and has found numerous hogs. He is open on the track, but not too bad. He is a little gritty and will catch when something else does. The only reason for selling is they are all open on the track and need something fast and rough. Where I hunt I prefer a silent more gritty dog. I will consider a trade, but it must be a finished silent dog. The Plott is 800, bluetick 400, walker 500. Will sale for a package deal or separately. D. You can call or text 318-452-5504 for more information, photos, etc. 10/20/14