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FREE!!!! I have 4 pups 1 female 3 males 41/2 months old BMC /catahoula mix don't have room need them gone these pups come from my #1 BMC female and my male catahoula text 239-963-6599 south fl 08/26/14
Big game lines, plotts, leopards, fl curs, bulldogs, pups, started, 3522589040 florida 08/26/14
Free hogdogs!!!!! 3 crosses: plott/pit, cur/pit, plott/cur and 2 pits 4 males & 1 female. All young dogs around a year old. Just want $20 or $30 bucks for dog food (601)590-4512 08/26/14
Entertaining Serious Offers: I have two great finished hog dogs. One is half cur, half plot female. Great bottom end and does not trash, loves a hog. Other one is a half jagged terrier, half walker male trash broke and loves a hog. Also have 3, 10 month old curs ive been running with these dogs for the last 4 months and are doing very well. Will not break up the finished dogs and would like to see all go together. Have 2 garmin dc-40 and 1 dc-50 and a Sportdog shock system w/ 3 collars. #386-631-2088, wes@edenfieldcorp.com. Deland. 08/26/14
Dogs for sale. Couple registered bmc one grand daughter of wrights pistolero. Couple more bmc grade dogs. One american bulldog. They are not finished dogs. Call if interested leave message if no answer. Don't call just to bs don't have time if your not serious. 6014167286 Mississippi. 08/26/14
I have several hog dogs for sale: Catahoula/Bulldog Male, 3 1/2 Red Leopard Male, Silent, Medium Range, He will find & catch or will go to a bay & catch. $300 ~ 4 yr old Jag'd Terrier Male, Long Range, He barks 2-3 times when he finds a hog & then catches. $400 ~ 9 Month Old 3/4 Catahoula 1/4 Bulldog Black Leopard Female. Already finding hogs, really good nose. Open Mouth. Catches Small Hogs, Bays Big Ones. $200 ~ 6-7 Month Old Plott/Cur Brindle Female, Going to be gritty & open mouth. $150 ~ 7-8 Month Old Bulldog/Black Mouth Cur, Has been to the woods & on caught hogs. Silent. Gritty. $150. Package Deals!!! Located in Norway, SC. Give me a call 803-308-1679 08/26/14
THREE young dogs for sale. One 1/2 Lacy 1/2 Cat. one year old male. not started yet. 75.00 One male 3/4 OMC 1/4 Plott. 11 months old. Not started $100. One pure Cat female 1 year Started in bay pen. $75 Carthage, Ms 601 900 8862 08/05/14
I have two female one year old Curdog/Labrador cross, these dog will bay hogs and squirrel hunt. Take them and try them $50.00 each. Call 479 394 4460 08/05/14
1st- 2 yrs old 1/4 plott 3/4 parker cur gyp silent has good nose found plenty of hogs knows when to get rough and when to back off and bay 2nd 2 bmc gyps 8 months old both bay in the pen and found pigs on mock hunts 3 times litter mates one is alittle roughr than other they should b good dogs need time put in them 200 for all NE Louisiana (318)334-0181 08/05/14
I have two female one year old Curdog/Labrador cross, these dog will bay hogs and squirrel hunt. Take them and try them $50.00 each. Call 479 394 4460 08/05/14
2 young dogs for sell. First is a 3/4 bmc 1/4 hound. 15 months old. Has found a few. 300 to 700 yd on no sign. Stays busy. Bayes good with other dogs and will catch with the catch dog. Small dog prolly 40 lbs tops ain't gonna get no bigger. Been on 30+ hogs. Completely silent. $400. Second dog is hound/cur cross. Barks on track a little. Small dog as well maybe 45 lbs. Almost 2 yrs old. Absolutely hates a hog will bay the hair off of him. Dump him in hot sign he will find a hog. Gps is a must. Been on 50+ hogs. Will jump a deer if u cast. Must dump him in hog sign. $600 will sell the pair for $850. week trial as well. North fl. 850-482-1828. 08/05/14
Several Hog Dogs For Sale - Finished RCD & several young started dogs. Package Deals. Located in Blackville, SC 29817. CALL 803-671-4079 08/05/14
I have a semi finished full blooded blackmouth cur, a 1 year old registered plott hound, and a finished florida cur cross. I'll take 250 for the plott with the papers, 750 for the blackmouth, and 1000 for the florida cur.If you want all 3 I'll take 1700. The reason for selling is i havent had the time to hunt them like they should be hunted. Call or text Stevie for more information at 850-612-0933. 08/05/14
I have 4 hog dogs for sale. All are males between the age of 3-4 years old. 1st- bmc/plot/bird mix, short to med range hunting dog. Has found and caught own hogs. Very gritty. Yips on track. $600. 2nd- bmc/bird mix, short to med range hunting. Has found own hogs. Bays tight. Silent on track. $600. 3rd- walker/bluetick mix, hunts close, but will go long range once on hog. Had found own hogs. Open mouth. $200. 4th- cat/black and tan mix, good lil dog.. Has found a couple hogs. Will run with pack.. Has scars to prove it. $200. Text 601-527-3975 08/01/14
Some way I have accumulate a good amount if solid dogs, it's hard for me to let any go cause of how good they are, but I have got to cut back some. I just have way to many! If u need any good well trained hog dogs call me! I have help strike and catch. All at reasonable prices! 5129663529 07/22/14
Have 1 brindle male cur and 1 black mouth female cur for sale. Both dogs are around a 1 1/2yr old. Brindle dog has seen a hog. He's going to be kinda rough! Asking $100 for each! Call 936-552-6921. Located in Nacogdoches. 07/22/14