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Ultimate Package ~ Selling out!!    

For Sale: 5 dogs, custom horse/hog trailer, 2 aluminum dog boxes, GPS tracking system and collars..... $5,000 OBO... 940-465-4450, coltbrust@yahoo.com



Moving and can't take em with me I have a 3 yr old 1/2 cat 1/2 plott she's my main strike she ranges 3-600 will go further on track she is 100% silent 100% trash broke she will stop a runner and bays loose will catch with cd after hog is killed she will roll over also have 3 pen started cd 1. 3 yr old female pit 2. 3 yr old male pit 3. 1 yr old American bulldog askin $2500 for strike and will throw in the others contact at 3617460701 located in temple tx 4/15/14
Selling out!!! I have 3 Parker Curs for sale. I have a male that is 1 1/2yr's old. One female 1 1/2yr's old. And one female that is 4yr's old. These dogs are all jam up hog dogs. These dogs are no b.s. serious inquiries only please. I'm asking $1,200 per dog or $3,000 for all. I also have a Garmin Astro 220 with 6 collars, long range antennas for collars and unit, map card, belt clip, carrying case for side, all the wall chargers and two car chargers. I'm asking $1,300 for it. You can reach me at (225)-413-6877 4/11/14
I have a 2 year old bmc/cat male, has found his own hogs, silent and gritty. Have a 3 year old bmc, has found a couple hogs, silent and gritty. Last a 2 year old July walker gyp, hunts good, has found hogs. Also have a 2 bay dog box, garmin 220, 4 dc 40s, brand new tri tronics system with 1 collar. Text me 601-527-3975 for more info 3/18/14
I'm selling out just getting burnt out. Have a 1969 DJ-5A perfect hunting buggy or play toy and dog/hog trailer to pull behind it or 4wheeler/side by side and Garmin Astro 320 with 3 DC-50 collars all long range antennas contact Corey Reese @ (832)330-8007 located in Bay City Tx. 3/11/14
I have one finished bird/bull cross male that is three years old. I have two female young dogs. One is a bird dog and the other is a bird/bull cross with a outlaw cur. Both females are young and have only been hunted a few times. I all so have cut vest, cut collars, bay collars , and bay best. $1200.00 for everything or $1000.00 for just the dogs. (706)-840-0069 1/7/14
1. We have a package deal of hog dogs, #1 is a blue lacy/airadale 4 year old finished strike dog female 100% trash broke long range medium range. #2 Two year old full blood bmc, female finished strike dog 100% trash broke short rsnge. #3 Four year old female bmc/cat finished strike dog 100% trash broke. #4 Full blood bmc, male, 2 years old not trash broke. bay dog. #5 Full blood female pitbull, catches good. #6 Garmin Astro 320, 1 DC 40 collar, been used 3 times, brand new. $2500 obo for everything. 9033904341 ask for Alley or 9035190534 ask for Dustin. Call or Text. 11/27/13
Selling out. I am selling two finished catahoulas long range and 2 hounds , 1st is 8 year old cat male long range he the real deal. 2nd is 4 year old cat male long range , 3rd is 2 year old plot male pack dog no quit, 4 th is 2 year old bluetick female only been few times. I will sell package deal for $4000.00 or 1st 2200, 2nd 1500, 3rd 800, 4th 250 D. (601)394-8966 located in greene county ms. 11/13/13
FREE DOGS! Dog pound said I had to get rid of 14 dogs! Various breeds from years of hog dogs. No training, just potential hog dogs. No voicemail but I will call back your number. Tommy in Albany, GA 229-669-7898 11/8/13
Selling out package deal 3yr finshed cat/curr med to long range silent trash broke easy to handle gritty enought to stop a hog in its tracks but smart.. 1 1/2 cur plott cross med to long range silent on trail easy to handle and find own hog ,2 1/2 yr old pit trash broke easy to handle will find a hog and catch it if you tell her no need for leash tell her stay she will stay by you until she hear's bay then going straigh to it ear dog also aluminium dog box two bay bull dog hook on top ,garmin 320 two new dc 40 and one dc30 four cut collars and one cut vest 7000 not separting will show dogs hunt serious buyers only 352-586-7775 10/25/13
I have 4 Catahoula 2 males and 2 females 1Male : Blue Lep is a strike Dog and will bay the fire out of one for as long as it takes does not like a gun hunts out 150 200 will take a track and go. 1 Black and Tan male : Will strike and bay and help he is a little shy hunts out around 75 to 100 yards will check in and go to other dogs. 1 Red and White lep female Has seen alot of pigs will strike and bay she is a little rough on little pigs but knows when to back up and bay will hunt out around 100 125 check in and go to other dogs. 1 red lep female young dog comes out of good stock but she is taking a little while to come around she will hunt out but comes back and walks around she still has a little play in her but will make a dog. 1 Blue Lacy Male this dog is full of entergy and will find and stop a pig has found around 10 pigs so I ant calling it him finished but close down side loves armdillos gets a little rough on small pigs but bays good on anything over 125 or so. 1 White and brown Bulldog nice pup still has a way to go but will make a good catch dog when he is finished all dog are what I say they are and will back it up I have caught around 150 to 200 pig with theses dog different bulldog my catch dog passed a while back and this is y I have this pup. I hate to sell out but new job and no time these dog love to hunt and I hate to see them in a pin they are not junk they all have there ups and downs but over all they are good dogs the Blue Lep is the best dog I have ever been around and he is the reason I hunt he is that good 3000 firm comes with 6 cut collars 3 bay vest and 2 double gate panels 1 single gate panel and 6 dog pin panels. Price - $3,000.00 - Contact Billy Alvey Cell # : 479-622-0330 Home # : 479-493-2614. Located in Belleville Ar
I have a 5+- year old female Catahoula. She is a hot nose dog. Will put teeth on one. Colored up nice Has pursued very good pups. $300. I have a 2 year old NALC registered male Catahoula. Currently hot nosed and gritty. Should get better as a hunter. Will be very catchy. $300. I have a 3 year old female plott. Jam up hog dog. Not trashy all bay $1200. 5 year old half pit half American bulldog. Good catch dog $300. 5 six week old Catahoula puppies. Great colors and good bloodlines. $50 a piece or will give away 1 with purchase of every grown dog. 3 full blooded but no papers Catahoulas puppies. 14 weeks old. Nice looking great blood lines. Give 1 or all away with purchase of grown dog or $25 a piece. None of these dogs are culls. I am just quitting. I will trial with cash in hand. You pick up. Columbus MS 662-575-5196 10/15/13
1. -6 month old Rednose Pit has caught several small training hogs. -10 month old well started female Ridgeback/Catahoula, bays tight, gritty, starting to find them on her own in the woods. -1 year old female Airedale, close to finished just needs a few more hunts, ranges really well, bays tight, will find her own hog. -5 month old male BMC/Blue Pit- started, bays at the pen, has been on a few hunts and starting to take a trail by himself. Prices from $75 to $450 and I will do package pricing on multiple dogs. I was in a major car wreck and I'm forced to sell my dogs. Located in NW Florida Call Eric at (850)835-1255 or (850)419-6503 10/11/13
I have a 4 yo bmc gyp that will strike a hog hunts out 500 yards or so silent bays tight will roll out when you get there and bay again finished, $950 I have a 2 yo mt cur bmc cross gyp hunts out about 300 yards by her self will hook up with other dog and roll will find her own $500 have a catch dog male cur bulldog cross 3 yo been on 100's of hogs hits hard and stays all ear, if he can hear them he will go $300 I have three young dogs all 1 yo two blue curs one male one female and one brindle hound cur cross male all the young dogs are started in the woods and coming along good $350 for all three or $150 each, call or text 970-946-5899 located in north east Texas, will make a package deal on the whole pack. 10/11/13
4 dogs for sale. One finished Florida/red cur hunts real hard in good sign 250$ for him. one 7 month old walker/Florida cur he is started in bay pen and shows good interest 50$ for him. One treeing Walker 2 years old great nose open sometimes on track good dog won't catch anything over 100 lbs. 300$ for him. And my best bay dog I have ever had is a BMC/ red bone 1.5 year old female bays without grabbing the hog 200$ for her. Reason for selling is I am slimming down my pack for deer season. If you want all four then i might can work out a deal Located in sylvania, Ga. Call kameron at 9124259588 10/4/13
I'm Selling Out !! First is my strike dog. She's a 6 year old Catahoula and when she barks it's no doubt a hog $500 for her. Second is my Catahoula / Plott Cross and she's 3 years old. She will get rough on a hog with the other dogs. She has found a few hogs on her own !! She's $350. And last is my 2 yo black mouth gyp. She will get rough on a hog with the other dogs as well she hasn't found her own hog yet but will stay busy in the woods !!!! Any questions Text 830-299-0858. Tarpley Tx. May make a Package Deal If You Buy All Three !!!! 10/01/13
Selling out: Only have 1 dog left 1.5 years old, he is a very rough male catahoula. Will run with pack, and honors a bay. Will stop a hog. Have 220 garmin with long range antenna, 5 Dc 40 collars. 3 collars are brand new the other 2 bout 6 months old. All work. Several cut collars ranging in sizes. Cut kit with several things in it. Leads, hobbles, etc. Text 601-527-3975 for more info. 9/20/13
Package deal only, will not separate dogs, and only to a good hunting home. I have 3 catahoulas, all silent two females and one male, and one female pitbull catch dog. Also with this package is a Garmin tracking system with 4 collars, and a dog box for the truck (nothing fancy).. this is everything one will need to put some pork in the freezer. Perfect for someone getting into the sport.. a one month trial on the dogs and I will also have the right to refuse sale if you don't appear to take good care of these dogs.. serious inquiries only $4,000 firm for everything.. located in Louisiana email me at hogdog86@gmail.com 9/20/13
Getting out !!! I have 2 dogs and a garmin 320 with three collars.ones a 3 1/2 year old finished red cur that hunts about 400 to 500yard with no sign and will go farther with better sign he is one tht is little gritty ! Good night he will be round the 700 to 900yrd the second dog is my catch dog he's just turn 3 and is smart he don't care how big or bad they are he will catch !!! Looking to get out ! So my loss ur gain 1300 obo call or text 386-867-6538 ask for James ..fort white fl 9/17/13
SELLING OUT!!! I have a 3 year old plott female ( Great jump and trail dog ). A 3 year old half pit half American bulldog ( Good Catch dog ). A 2 year old NALC registered male Catahoula ( Good started dog.. Gritty ) . A 5+- year old female Catahoula ( Has great pups and will take a hot track... Gritty ). A 2 year old pit. ( Beautiful fawn color. Tears a hog up. Only been on a couple though ) and 3 Catahoula pups. 2 female and 1 male. I want to sell all of them. They are not culls I am just getting out. $2600 for all. May split. Call 662.574.5196 09/10/13
Selling my last 3 and best 3 I've got! They are two female strike dogs, both are finished long range cold nosed, silent strike dogs, the 3rd is a male pit cd 55 lbs of solid heart! Looks ruff full of scars but is absolutely a legit dog! This is all u need as a pack right here, I've been using these three for the last year and have caught numerous big hogs! The strike dogs are not very ruff of dogs! Call for price or any questions I'd like 2200 for all three and u can hit the woods! U better have tracking system or have plans of getting one cause it will be a necessity! 3617461226 jdeleoncal@yahoo.com 09/03/13
Selling out: I have 3 Catahoulas. One is 3 years old. Will find hogs in fresh sign. Medium to longe range once on a hog. He's very fast. The next is a 1 1/2 year old catahoula. He's young still needs work trailing. Will run with a pack. Honors a bay. VERY ROUGH/CATCHY. The next is a 3 1/2-4 year old female Lep catahoula. Bought her as "almost finished". I wasn't aware she was pregnant when I bought her, she had pups a week after I got her. I hunted her once before the pups and she bayed a hog. Text 601-527-3975, located in meridian Ms 09/03/13