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Double "D" Curs

Breeding FBMCBO, Inc. registered Blackmouth curs. We breed for soundness, intelligence and a genuine work ethic. We currently are covering our females with Wright's Western Rattler (Wright's Western Pistolero X Wright's Bounty Lena) and Bow Windham (Wright's Sam I Am X Wright's Singin Sophie). We have been breeding these dogs since 2003. Our pups have been used on cattle, bear, cat, hogs and for tracking. Rattler is a working cow dog, Bow Windham is nationally certified Level II by the United Bloodtrackers, Inc. and from the first litter I bred. We only produce a couple litters each year, but they are good ones. Occasionally we have started dogs.

Paul Davidson, (225) 683-8406,
email: paul@doubledcurs.com
12798 Muse Lane, Clinton, LA 70722


6 Month Old BMC Pups

3. 6 month old BMC pups, 20 to 30 lbs. Old, established Lee County Florida bloodlines. (Call for more information) Parents have serious grit; there is no size limit on hogs they will catch. They wind, trail, and find their own hogs. Pups show fine scenting ability and grit. Started on hogs. Wormed regularly. All Parvo shots. 2 males and 6 gyps. $250 to $350. Priced according to hog aggression and willingness to catch. They ALL bay. Near Bainbridge, Georgia.

239-292-4512, 229-254-5617, 239-462-1010, 229-243-5957



Phillips' Farm & Kennel

Your answer to your Cow or Hog dog needs.

Baydogs: Leopard Stockdogs, Yellow Curdogs, Blackmouth Curdogs, and Catahoula Curdogs, these dogs are from the very best bloodlines of Stockdogs in the United States. Old bloodlines, Ricker Driver of Texas, Old Billy Wright (1898-1985) of Cleveland, Texas, Charles Long of Texas, Earl Baker of Texas, Henderson of Georgia, Chester Wager of Louisiana, Joe Bell of Texas, Ben Jordan of Oklahoma, and Bill Guans of Henderson, Texas, all of these bloodlines are in my Curdogs.

Phillips' Farm & Kennel

129 Polk 198 Mena, Arkansas 71953

479 394 4460 Cell 479 234 0762


I have a yellow black mouth cur male 4 years old been on hundreds of pigs will get out of town on the ground will rig from the hood of a truck,4 wheeler rack, out of the back of a truck. Wherever you have em he will hunt he is completely silent until the pig is stopped ( do not call if you are not serious 2,500 $.). 1 week trial I bring em and hunt with you Tyler Coleman Hinton Oklahoma. 405-952-4186 4/11/14
World Champion Cur puppies for sale. Puppies are out of one of the Bayed Solid females that beat out Pig Man @ the 2012 Los Cazadores Battle For the Belt event. Can provide proof of this upon request from serious buyers. Will guarantee the pups @ 10 months old to find and bay their own hog if they are hunted. Pups are 8 weeks old and have had 2 rounds of shots. PRICE- Asking $500 CONTACT- Kasey Rylee @ 678-936-6528 text or call 4/11/14
I have a 6 month old male bmc baying in a pen hasn't been to woods yet nice looking pup asking $250 call or text anytime 4798836237 thanks 4/4/14
9yr old female bmc still has fire left will find hogs and will stick for a long time with a runner not trashy. would make a good pup trainer. $200.00 2yr old male florida cur can find hogs has stuck with runner for over a mile several times not trashy just needs to be hunted. $200.00 Finished catch dog female pit has caught several hogs 4yrs old no dog aggression. $200.00 started catch dog pit bmc 1yr catches in pen hasn't been to woods no dog aggression looks like a full blood pit $100.00 2y bmc big dog barks at a hog in a bay pen and spins it around when the hog tries to run was a pet he was given to me to try don't have time for him free if you want him . Ville Platte La. 1-337-789-1133 email hebriley@yahoo.com call is best cant read text and don't check email 4/1/14
I have a 2 year old cur dog real good dog found plenty of hogs for me I road hunt him or walk hunt him he still gets better every time I take him out also have a full blooded gsp bird dog will find and point birds but is a little gun shy I'm want in 400 obo for cur and 200 obo for bird dog 9045071933 florida 4/1/14
i have a 4 1/2 year old blackmouth cur for sale. he is a med. range dog and gritty. he will strick his own hog. i want 950.00 firm. i have a 11 month old blackmouth that is very gritty. he has been on 10-12 hogs. he goes to a bay and catches. i want 450.00 for him. you can call me at 361-645-4695. 3/28/14
Foundation Blackmouth Cur, female, born 11/7/13, sire is Gator X Hellkat, Dam is Butch Arnolds Tiger X Dessert Rain. Dessert Rain's mother was a litter mate to Yellow Jacket. Pup has to much white on face to register. This pup is bred to be an outstanding hog or cattle dog. Will be rough! $300. East Texas Area. Clint at (706)551-1928 3/28/14
8 month old ring neck Florida cur...started on small hog she is a female...she is a little gritty toward the small hog...been in woods one time she hasn't seen a hog in woods yet....call or text...334 341 1265 3/25/14
I have a yellow cur dog female for sale, completely finished will find her own hogs and winds off the box, when she smells a hog she bales off. She is a very long range dog and she hunts alone and goes off 1-2 miles if she smells something, the only reason im getting rid of her is because im trying to get into the catahoula business and i have other dogs that will find them, another reason is she hunts alone and she goes completely other way than my other dogs who usually run with my buddies dogs. $800. 3 month trial located in Tallahassee, FL text/call 850-241-3483 3/25/14
I have a 6week old Registered Ladner cur male. I hunt the Dam to this pup on hogs and she has great winding ability and hunts medium range. Asking $300 call or text Chris at 903-720-1756 located in Henderson,TX. 3/25/14
I have a 7 yr old mtn cur female sheis a finished dog! She can do it all her self. She will stop a runner but will not catch without another dog. She will go until she finds one. Hunts around 600 yd circles but like I said will go the distance! No bs here she's a go getter! Price is 1200 for more info call or text (828)361-2342 3/21/14
I have a 2 yr old BMC Gyp. When I got her she had never been out of the pen, she has now been on probably 8-10 hogs in the woods and was at the bay everytime. She hunts pretty well to not have gone anymore than she has. I think she can make someone a good dog one day if they will take her and hunt her. She is out of good blood her dad and grandfather are both as good as they come. The only reason I'm selling her is because I just don't have the time to hunt her. $300 will take her. 936-645-7135 Call Anytime Located in Joaquin, TX 3/21/14
Pup is NKC registered male comes out of dogs known to tree but I use the dam to this pup for hog hunting and she has made a good dog. Asking $300. Call Chris 904-720-1756 call or text. 3/21/14
I have a bmc for sale he turn 5 months march 10th dog has a ton of energy, good looking dog with good ear on him $250 call or text 4798836237 will consider trades on ?? Thanks for looking 3/21/14
Registered blackmouth cur puppies for sale. Ready for pickup April 9. $200 each 573-377-4153 3/14/14
12 week old female BMC...I know she is younge but she shows alot of interest in hogs...she is trieng to bay a piglet I have in pin 150.00 obo....334 341 1265.....205 410 5058 3/11/14
7 month old BMC/ Florida Curs. 30 to 40 lbs.. 1 male. 5 gyps. Started on hogs. Gritty. Good noses. Wormed regularly. All Parvo shots. $250. Near Bainbridge, Ga. Please call for more information. 239-292--4512, 229-254-5617, 239-462-1010, 229-243-5957 3/7/14
Mountain Cur Female - Going with the dogs - Wants to hunt - $100 to a good hunting home - Call 803-671-4079 Blackville, SC 3/7/14
3 month old male Bmc both parents are finished BA dogs pup is going to be a big headed long legged dog 150$ Tulsa ok 9183974450 3/4/14
I have a 15 month old registered wheatherford bens male black mouth cur. I showed him a hog once and he did not show much interest he needs someone who has time to spend with him. He has a great bloodline and would make a good stud dog, and with time he will make a good hog dog. 300$ or best offer. Call 334-715-3994 3/4/14
I have a. 18 month fm bm cur for sale she is started in a pen. She is gritty Ina pen only been in the woods once. I have 8 other young dogs that I am trying to hunt. I don't have time for this one. I am in south ala. 251-847-3598 3/4/14
I have a registered bmc. 2 year old gyp out of good stock. Has been on a good many hogs. She is a great help dog, and should start finding hogs on her own if she's hunted hard. I'm getting out and haven't been hunting her like I should. Silent on track. Not extremely rough, but will put her mouth on a hog. Asking $300 Call or text 478-973-2658. Located in Bonaire, ga. 3/4/14
I have a reg.kemmer cur male started 150$ a male cat started 200$ and a pit female started 100$ uvalda.Ga 1-912-253-2472 2/28/14
I have a 4 year old bmc he has seen hogs just needs more work hes free to someone whos going to hunt him please call or txt 727-514-3776 2/25/14
Black mouth puppy 6 month old started on hog out of 2 finished strike dog very gritty and smart more info 863 944 1119 Kathleen Florida $200 2/25/14
BMC puppy for sale. Ladner and South florida. Mom and Dad on site. She had 10 only 1 left. Beautiful female. 6 weeks of on 2/17. First shots and wormed twice. 150.00. Call Alison for details. Some went as hog dog pups and some as cow pups. She has both in her blood was going to keep her but just found just out another of our BMC females is bred. 352-281-4247 2/21/14
BMC female puppy for sale $100.00. There were 5 in the litter. Male full Ladner and bitch 1/2 Ladner 1/2 southern black mouth. In Gainesville, FL area Contact Mike @ 352-258-0310 call or text or bloominghouse@bellsouth.net 2/21/14
foundation BMC I have 2 males left both parents can strike and find their own hog will be rough medium to long range $600 has 4d Zues, wrights yellow jacket, conns sally, prissy angel I live in eastern New Mexico but will be at this years Uncle Earls traveling I 20 across Texas, free delivery at this time along this route. call or txt 505 428 8724 airduster28@aol.com 2/13/14
I have a bmc for sale she is a strike/bay dog has found plenty of pigs for me.. I would not sell her but i need space for new dogs.. She has plenty of scars to prove that she will get out there.. She is a short to medium range dog but as soon as she hit fresh track she is gone and will chase a runner for miles. She does not like dogs in her face.. No bull crap she will fight. 200 2145160566 2/13/14
I have a 15 month old male foundation registered blackmouth. 37% Weatherford Ben. Dog is started, but hasn't been hunted like he needs to. I've hunted the full brother to this dog hard, and he's already finding and baying his own hogs. Can send pics and video of him. Located in middle GA. $300 obo. Call or text 478-955-3993 2/11/14
Started, High Percent, Weatherford's Ben Bred BMC I have a year and a half old BMC, Weatherford's Ben bred dog. Been hog hunting five times. Caught with the other dogs every time. $500 firm. Missouri. Please text/call (417)217-0818 for more information. 2/7/14
LADNER BMC for sale with papers 375, without 200. Located in Weatherford Tx. Both sire and bitch have a great pig hunting skills. Got 5 pups Call 682 552 1828 or text Also Dogo Argintinos ready to breed 2000. a pup with papers 1000. with no papers. 500 dollar deposit call to set up for a pup 2/7/14
I have one registered black mouth cur, I bought this dog out of Arkansas the guy wasn’t completely honest with me about this dog. She is a wind dog and not a track dog! She is very good at winding hogs but she doesn’t take track like I hoped she would, she will bay one all day and will honor a bay every time she is not very catchy but will catch with help. This dog would be better as a hood dog she has winded hogs for me a lot. This is not a cull dog she doesn’t fit the way I hunt fell free to call with any questions I am located in southwest Missouri 2/7/14
2 year old mountain cur in middle ga i have a 2 year old female mountain cur that bays solid until she gets gritty then she will lock down. Med-long range dog 300 to 500 yrds will find Own hog. Does not run trash or bark on track. $1000. 478-508-7637 1/28/14
2 leopard cur dogs One year old leapard bobtailed gyp and a 2 year old solid black bob tailed gyp out of same line of dogs. Dogs are barley started, will get down on one and bay in its face. They need to be hunted and will make good dogs. 200$ a piece or 300$ for both of them call or txt 239 229 8150 1/28/14
I have 2 full blood bmc pups for sale. Both parents were proven hog dogs. Parents were very rough and very long range and 100% silent. I want $400 a pup I have one male and one female. They are 4 months old. Located in Bay City Texas (832)330-8007 1/28/14
I have a 4 month old bmc he is out of Ladner lines, he is not papered, and has not been started on anything I have to many pups to mess with so that's the reason for selling him asking what I gave for him $200 calm or text for more info (479)883-6237 1/24/14
2 year old Black mouth Cur finished dog. She’s found many hogs, is not gritty. Not dog or people aggressive, will go out on good sign or 300 to 600 yards. Does not trash, house trained and does not bother your cats; she just does not like a hog. If this dog barks he is on a hog. $1500 Or will trade one of the same caliber that is grit I want them to catch anything under 300lbs by itself. Located in Central TX. 936-419-3988 1/21/14
Black mouth female... almost 2 yrs old... been on 50 to 60 hogs... gritty with other dogs... bays by herself.... jacked up over a hog...500 obo...2293226226 1/21/14
Foundation Black Mouth Cur pups, born 27 December 2013, registered, shots, Weatherfords Ben lines, ready to go 7 February 2014. 5 females unspoken for. For more information call or text 936-234-1933, email BGTHOMPSON1966@GMAIL.COM 1/21/14
Black mouth cur pups born 9/11/13 dad is working cowdog mother is main strike dog she will find and bay her own hog asking $150.00 located in Fruitvale Tx for more info contact Shawn at 9402578007 1/14/14
Have 15 young cur for sale, proven bloodlines, already baying hogs. Three different litters, same father, five and six months old, black, brindle, red and yellow black mouth, seven females and eight males. Located in East Texas, Price range &250.00 - $500.00, call 903-721-7757,(please do not text, tks) 1/14/14
4 yom Blackmouth Cur finished dog. Has found many hogs, is very gritty, and has the scars to prove it. Not dog or people aggressive, will go out on good sign or stays close in with no sign. Does not trash, have watched him watch deer pass and continue to hunt. If this dog barks he is on a hog. Asking $800 or $1000 with 1 week trial. May consider partial trade on Garmin. Located in Central Alabama 334-391-6851 1/14/14
Registered Black Mouth Cur Puppies, 57% Weatherford’s Ben, FBMCBO Inc registered, All shots have been given and wormed, out of great hunting/bay dogs, 3 Females and 3 Males, 3 months old $350 706-455-1309 John North Georgia 1/14/14
I have a litter of Black Mouth Cur Pups Forsale whelped 12-19-13 $250 each $50 dollar deposit required to hold a pup old time Big Thicket Breeding (Jordan/Shives) no papers for more info call or text Jason Raulston 573-247-9526 or call home 573-729-4698 please no calls on home after p.m. CST Renagade Hog Dogs Salem, Missouri 1/14/14
BMC Cow Dog 14 month old red black mouth cur. Out of working parents. He is a good helper but will not strike by himself yet $500. Too many dogs is the only reason I am selling. Also have a bmc\Catahoula cross male pup 7 weeks old $100. Central AZ. Call or text for pictures or video 928 925 5175. 1/10/14
Registered Ladner BMC Puppies for sale. 2 Males and 2 females available. 6 weeks old Located in South Carolina $350.00 each. 843-907-3210 sharrelson@blackwaterllc.com 1/7/14
Black mouth gyp winds for the road runs in front of the truck or will take a hot track $450 north Florida 386-688-1531 01/03/2014
Year and a half ybmc he had found 5 hogs will honor a bay asking $200. 2 year old 1/2 plott 1/2 greyhound has a hot nose will honor a bay $150. 3 yr old catch dog runs to bay catches ear everytime Also have puppies and many more dogs located in Fairfield texas will meet if distance is reasonable 903-390-4243. Or dustinduncan97@yahoo.com 12/31/13
1.5 year old bmc gyp. I bought her for $600, the guy I bought her from said she was finished, she is not finished, just needs some more work. She's gritty and will stop one. She rig hunts and road works alright. Ill take no less than $400 for her. Yulee Florida text 9048941777 12/31/13
so cal area...sir is ladner and dam is out of wrights pistalero..both dogs are proven hog dogs...300 each 951 454 3158 ppssweepers@yahoo.ca 12/31/13
I have a 2 year old female full blood bmc 100% finished she will ranges out some but is a better air scent dog $300. Also have a 2 year old female full blood pit bull 100% finished $150. Contact alley 9033904341 12/24/13
2 Florida cur males 6 months old Have been on 10 or more hogs , really gritty I'm asking $150 each . Call or text 813-373-2974 for any questions or more info .Thanks Phone: 813-373-2974 12/24/13
I have 8 bmc black and tan puppies 3 females 5 males. 10 weeks old had shots. Mom will bay the heck out one dad is extremely gritty. Very good looking puppies. $100 a piece. Will send pics of puppies or parents. Located in Haines City FL. Call or text 863 393 5565 12/24/13
have 3 black mouth curr hog dogs 2 males 3&1 years old & a 10 month old female. The 3 year old is completley finshed will trail,wind,catch a hog 150 ibs or less but will help catch bigger is long range so will need tracking collor minds very good will relay trash broken of everything cows included. The 1 year old has been on a hand full of hunts is going too be long range going too be gritty listens half way decent after caught but showing real good progress is also trash broken of cows & deer because the hunts we go on is always around them every hunt he has been on hes gotten on a hog.The 10 month old female has been on a couple of hunts has been on a hog everytime showing real good progress is going too be gritty listen half way decent after caught she also is trash broken of cows & deer going too be medium too long range so will need tracking collor.Trial hunts on all 3 dogs call 863-401-3777 or 863-229-6098 for details serious calls only please! Will send pics if interested! There will be a rehoming fee.I dont even want too get rid of them but got put on probation got too much time & dog food in them so im not gonna give them away i'll just keep them in the pin & let let them get even fatter! 12/24/13
registered yellow black mouth gyp she's about 13mths old, small to med sized and very fast, she bays hard in a pen only been in the woods a handful of times. She has foundation black mouth cur papers ( wrights western hell cat/wrights bounty queen ) she will make a great hog dog in a pen or in the woods. I'm in east texas and she's $500 cash. She's bred right call or text me 936-524-4212
Ladner Blackmouth Cur Pup....4.5 Mo. Old direct from Ladner dogs $400.00 visenhoeve@aol.com 229 224 8294 12/17/13
STRAIGHT Catch Dog. Madison FL This cur dogs about 3 years old. Mean as all get out. I only let him out the box when his going to catch a hog. His a little hard headed at times tho. 200 FIRM 850 464 7281 12/17/13
7 month old bmc's weatherford/foundation bred also a 2 yr old male striking $200 each Cuero,Tx. 361-648-9131 post to purebreds 12/13/13
Registered Ladner Black Mouth Cur Puppies 3 males and 2 females. Will be ready to go January 13th. $350.00 each. Call 843-907-3210 or email sharrelson@blackwaterllc.com Located in South Carolina. 12/13/13
Registered Black Mouth Curs for sale Three males born 8/11/13. 35% Weatherford Ben. Parents on site. $600. Call Bobby at (361) 920-0636. 12/10/13
I have a purebred Bmc gyp for sale. Right at 2 years old. She is not a finished dog only started. Ive had her in the woods probably 6 times and she has been on 2 hogs in the woods. She ranges out anywhere from 300-1 mile sometimes. She loves to hunt. I am only selling cause I have nowhere to hunt due to deer season and she needs to be hunted NOW. ASKING $500 but might go down a Little. North Fl. 850-482-1828. Serious hunters only. 12/10/13
I posted an ad a few weeks ago for foundation bmc pups. I kept a male pup but have decided to sell him. Nothing wrong with him just decided to sell him. Born August 1 2013. Has cinnamon mask pink nose. 38.5% Weatherford Ben. $300 Philadelphia ms. 6014167286. Leave message if no answer. 12/10/13
Registered Black Mouth Cur Puppies, 57% Weatherford’s Ben, FBMCBO Inc registered, All shots have been given and wormed, out of great hunting/bay dogs, 4 Females and 2 Males, 10 weeks old $400 706-455-1309 John North Georgia 12/10/13
I have a yellow Blackmouth about 18 months old that has been on about 8 bear and probably 25 hogs killed. This dog is going to make a good one but I hunt hounds. And need the room. $300 252-714-2298 Eastern NC 12/6/13
We have 1 reverse black mouth cur female pup available!! She's already weened & had first shots and wormed. She'll be 6 weeks old on December 2nd!! $300 Call or text Cali. (580)222-6178. Thanks 12/4/13
Black Mouth Cur Pups-Ready to go December 14th Sire is my Strike Dog. Will strike and hold a bay. Will catch with another dog. Short to Medium range. Good Bottom. Will walk hunt, road hunt and cast on hot track. Dam is grade gyp. Bays tight in pen but has only been to woods a handful of times. Like her style. Good potential. Pups $150 817-300-3241 Ksnevil@yahoo.com 11/30/13
Bmc pups for Xmas 50$ both parents are bad ass finished hog dogs and are proven reproduces pups are wormed and had shots iam located in NE Oklahoma 9183974450 11/30/13
Registered Kemmer Cur female, 2 years old, black, needs hunting, $300, Philadelphia, MS 601-416-1361 11/27/13
Florida Cur named Zipper! I am looking for the man who bought my Blk and Tan Florida Cur named Zipper. He was a police officer in Brooksville, Florida. If anyone knows of him and the dog have him contact me at (727)432-1816. Thanks 11/27/13
6 BMC pups born 10/16/13, current on worming &shots. David Toms bloodline. $200.00. Call 979-257-6082 for more info. Located in East Bernard, TX. 11/27/13
i have a 4 year old bmc for sale hes a hog stopper short to med range puts teeth on them under 150 will catch on his own bigger will catch with bull dog i lost my small tracks of land so i have no use for him, ridgeland sc 814-853-0353 $400 firm 11/27/13
Florida Cracker curr pups out of working ranch stock. (Partin line) Great hog and/or cow dogs or family pets! $200 Jim Fraser (954)658-0108 11/27/13
I have a Kimmer Cur approx. 1.5 years old. She is semi long range and open on a hot trail. Can't hunt her enough due to work and deer season. She is not finished but won't take much to get her there. First $800 gets her.Located in SC. Text 864-761-7071 11/27/13
Female Curr 2 years old very well started. Rigneck gyp. I am located in Polk County. She is almost finished. Just not gritty enough for me. Asking $250 863-241-3526 11/22/13
I have a bobtailed black mouth cur started will bay the piss out of my but not catchy enough for me I guarntee her to bay not finding her own hogs yet a lil more work and shell be doin it on her own honest about everything I say contact dustin at 813 785 9102 11/22/13
I have 4 bmc pups. They are 6 weeks old parents are long range and very very rough. They are full blood Taylor blood. Located in Bay City Tx. Corey @ (832)330-8007 $300 FIRM 11/19/13
Black mouth cur puppies for sale. We've got 4 males left. Will be ready December 2nd. Located south central Oklahoma, parents are proven hog dogs!! Can text pictures of available pups. $200 each. Call or text Cali at 15802226178. 11/19/13
I have a 3 yr bmc that I am selling. He will track and bay. I have him baying a hog on video. The reason I am getting rid of him is because he barks on track. He is very well tempered and is good with other dogs. 200 obo call or text 334-714-3994 Dothan area 11/19/13
I half a yellow BMC he Is 9 months old and will bay in a pin hasn't been in the woods very much but when he was in the woods he hunted and bayed very good blood line asking 500 my number is 903-258-0310 or 903-743-5788 11/15/13
She is solid black and tthe best bay dog I have ever seen... I don't want to sale her but bills say other wise... I'm asking 400 and I will guarantee her... if you don't like her I will be glad to refund the money... call or text andrew at 352 221 0583 11/15/13
BMC PUPPIES TWO FEMALES 7-8 WEEKS OLD, LOCATED IN BOGATA TX $150 A PIECE 903-249-5213 cdbland4@gmail.com 11/13/13
I have a three year old black mouth female short range can find own hog super gritty sell cause she my only female going with all males 200 dollars location North Carolina 704 550 7066 11/13/13
I have three registered blackmouth cur puppies for sale. 8 weeks old, 1 female, 2 males. $200 apiece. (573)377-4153 or geraldunruh96@gmail.com 11/13/13
2-12wk old female 3/4 fl cur 1/4 fl leopard cur pups vaccinated and dewormed both parents hunt and come from a long line of hog dogs dad came from the partin ranch need gone asap pups already baying a hog keeping 4 of the 6 dont need anymore females no trades cash only $100 for 1 or $175 for both. call or text 321-507-3322 11/8/13
I've got a BMc male 11 months old. Not been hunted much but acts interested on track. Needs some work I don't have time for him. 100$ obo gets him. Dothan al area. Can deliver or meet at a reasonable distance. 334-714-3994 11/8/13
Reg blackmouth pups born 9/24/2013 out of good working dogs , dad is wright blooded and goes back to Okefenokee cowboy, Wrights western choya Wrights yellow jacket, mom is Meramec blood out of dogs I have had for over 20 years I have made this type of cross before with good results pups have lots of nose and tons of bottom we stand behind our pups 100% these crosses produce pups that are very versatile they will work stock , bay hogs and tree climbing game .call or email for more info or pictures 3 males 3 females 350.00 each located in Salem, Missouri 573-247-5345 merameccurs@centurylink.net 11/8/13
11 month old male Florida curr dog , been on hogs since 4 months old , good nose and catches hard , out hunted my main dog 2 times ,have video of him catching by the ear at 4 months old, not finished but guaranteed jam up find and catch dog . $500 or trade for garmin astro with 2 collars . Don't have room need him to go . No bs will show you he's good . swfl . 941-268-6703 call or txt 11/05/13
I am selling a few bmc pups. They are full Taylor Blood bmc. Mom and dad both real rough and long range. I guarantee the dogs if for some reason they don't hunt for you or you don't like the way they hunt I'll buy them back. Contact Corey @ (832)330-8007 located in Bay City Tx. $200 FIRM 11/05/13
Foundation registered black mouth pups. 38.5% Weatherford Ben. Four females one male left. 12 weeks old. $200 each. Philadelphia MS. 6014167286 leave message if no answer. 11/01/13
9 week old Ladner Blackmouth curs: Duke bred BMCs (50% Hutson's Ole Bandit) for sale out of good hunting stock. All yellow with black mask. $275.00 each Contact 409-550-6940 11/01/13
I have a few pups 4 months old out of Ladner x Ben Jordan they have been on a few mock hunts never in a pen will be fast and gritty asking 500 each or 800 a pair have video of baying for pics and info call or text 972-268-4691 or email peeljason82@yahoo. com south of Dallas 11/01/13
Reg Blkmouth Pups 6wks old Blk masks , will be rough sire Grandson Bensons Clyde and Wrights Silver Cynide $250.00 ea 817-597-0229 Weatherford Tx 11/01/13
5 year old finished BMC really gritty will stop a runner. doesn't get along with other male dogs is the reason im letting him go $600 obo text (814)853-0353 11/01/13
I have a 3 year old brindal black mouth gyp for sale she is a finished bay dog she honors a bay and has lots of bottom she will stick with a runner . Asking $300 located.in Fairfield Texas. (903)-390-4243 Or dustinduncan97@yahoo.com 10/29/13
Weatherford's Ben bred pups. Both parents are exceptional working proven dogs, as well as loved family members. Both parents live here on Brockway Land & Cattle Ranch in Canton, Tx. We use ours on cattle, but hv sold offspring to several hunters including hog and bear. Daddy is a big fawn red nose. Moma stocky short athletic. We have several references available, don't hesitate to ask! ;) All pups will be F.B.M.C.B.O.,Inc registered, vet checked, health guarantee, and current on age appropriate vaccines and wormings. BOB TAILS AVAILABLE. Pups $500. Taking $300 deposit to reserve yours! Feel free to call us about any info you may need, including bloodline percentages, pedigrees, addition pics and video of our dogs in action. . 214-675-2288 jd121885@yahoo.com 10/29/13
Bobtailed Kemmer Cur Male - Up for sale is a Male Bobtailed Kemmer Cur, don't hunt much anymore and hate to see him sit in the kennel. He has been on plenty of hogs and will find his own hog. Medium range but will go if he needs to. (tracking system recommended) not real catchy but will stay with the hog until help arrives - $400. Call 772-370-7593 Cwallengren@hotmail.com - South Florida 10/22/13
Black mouth cur pups for sale. We have 2 males & 1 female left $200 each. Parents are proven hog dogs. I can text pictures of puppies and parents!! Please contact Cali at (580) 222-6178. 10/22/13
I have 4 pups, 3 males and 1 female. they are out of Dennison's Quickdraw and Mann's Whiskey. Mann's Whiskey is out of 4-D Little Man x 4-D Shasta, Little Man is out of Wright's Yellowjacket x Wright's Miss Yellowjacket 050 and Shasta is out of Wright's Western Nighthawk x Wright's Little Nina $500ea. I also have a 2yr old male out of Wright's Rio Grande II x Wright's Wilma. Rio is out of Wright's High Chicote x WT Desert Lineback Dun Allygator, Wilma is out of High Chicote x Wright's Western Hell Kat. price is what I paid, $1500. I have a 18mth male out of Durretts Ritta x Dennison's Quickdraw, Rita is out of Wrights Yellowjacket x Dixie Belle and Quickdraw is out of Wright's Western Pistolero x Wright's Yellowjacket Rose. Pistolero is out of Wright's Western Choya x Wright's Senorita and Yellowjacket Rose is out of Wright's Yellowjacket x Wright's Little Nina. price is $300 or trade for good quality high protien dog food or equal value. I also have a 18mth littermate female to the above mentioned 18mth male. price or trade is the same. the female has been hunted, but not as much as the 2 males, the dog have been hunted on hogs and are STARTED, NOT finished, due to school. I am going overseas, and need to move these dogs to a hunting home. contact me via email at artillery97_03@yahoo.com or by cell at 936-366-3024 all dogs are located between Waco and temple tx. all prices are as stated, but open to trade for open to trade for complete AR-15 or AR-10 rifles, 5.56, .45, .308 or .22 cal ammo of equal value or as close as possible to equal value. serious inquiries only, no bs calls, will not hold dogs unless money or trade item/s are in my hand. it is first come first serve, so do not ask to hold the dogs. 10/18/13
Mountain cur female. Stop dog. Silent and has found own hogs. Will go to a bay. $75 225-347-4253 located in Amite, la 10/18/13
NKC registered BMC puppies - We have a litter of Black Mouth Cur puppies that were born Oct 2nd. Bloodlines consist of Howard, Ladner and Weatherford's ben. Males and females available. Price $400. Please call or text to 270-776-3354 or email at tdreadin@gmail.com 10/18/13
i have 3 three month old curs 1 male 2 females $100 each and 1 five month old female cur well started $200 or $300 for all 4 All out of good stock. If interested please call 979-616-0796 10/15/13
Medium range semi ruff bmc! Silent on a track good lil dog! Found wel over 50 hogs just come see it! Call 3617461226 or bayboys@yahoo.com 10/15/13
We have a litter of BMC pups ready to go. Born August 19. Males & Females, mostly yellows. This is the last litter for these two. Offspring has been great hunters. $150 Call Ben - 806-764-3512 or email btbressler@hotmail.com 10/15/13
registered 6 month old bob-tailed female, bloodlines go back to Hell Kat, Sam Savage, Okeefenokee Cowboy and Reno. Good looking pup and bred to get it done. $450.00 Doug Rowland 813-781-0575 10/15/13
Blackmouth cur I have a blackmouth cur for sale will run his own hog $400 985-630-3409 Purebred blackmouth 10/11/13
BMC male pups 1 buckskin with black muzzle 1 black and tan $500 CENTERAL COAST CALIF. BOBBY (805)550-3681 10/08/13
Three 4 month old foundation registered BMCS 2 males 1 female they are 49.97% weatherfords Ben 912-531-9794 south ga 10/08/13
Black mouth curr puppies, 7months old, 2 males $75 a piece. Located in Lakeland fl Text anytime 863-838-9268 for pictures! 10/08/13
6 BMC male pups, born 8/24/13 current on worming and shots. Both parents in top 10 of the TDHA tournament last 5 yrs. Very good temperaments and good with children. Asking $200.00. Call 979-257-6082 for more info. Southeast Texas 10/01/13
I have a litter of bmc's born 9/24/13. The dad is full Taylor bread bmc and mom is full Old Ashcraft blood bmc. I am only selling four pups and keeping the other five. I guarantee these dogs to hunt whatever or work whatever you want or your money back. Both parents are very very rough and long range. Dad is a this'll broad reverse bmc and mom is a tall lanky bmc. Price is $300 FIRM contact Corey @ (832)330-8007 located in Bay City Tx. 10/01/13
Foundation BMC 2yo male 16 month male and soon coming pups. School is taking a lot of extra time and I don't want these dogs to go to waist. 2yo male is out of Wright's Rio Grande II x Wright's Wilma. Rio is out of Wright's High Chicote x WT Desert Lineback Dun Allygator, Wilma is out of High Chicote x Wright's Western Hell Kat. The 2yo male has been hunted a good bit, was doing good till he broke his back leg a yr ago. Had the leg pinned and screwed by an arthopedic vet. He gets around good, not as fast as he used to, but he does use his leg at a good speed. The 16mth male is out of Durretts Ritta x Dennison's Quickdraw, Rita is out of Wrights Yellowjacket x Dixie Belle and Quickdraw is out of Wright's Western Pistolero x Wright's Yellowjacket Rose. Pistolero is out of Wright's Western Choya x Wright's Senorita and Yellowjacket Rose is out of Wright's Yellowjacket x Wright's Little Nina. He has been hunted 4-5 times, found 2 hogs with him, but due to school, I have not hunted him nor the 2yo male since Jan of this yr. The coming pups are out of Dennison's Quickdraw and Mann's Whiskey. Mann's Whiskey is out of 4-D Little Man x 4-D Shasta, Little Man is out of Wright's Yellowjacket x Wright's Miss Yellowjacket 050 and Shasta is out of Wright's Western Nighthawk x Wright's Little Nina. Prices are 2yo, $1500OBO (I paid 1500 for him and 1500 in vet bills), the 16mth male is $500OBO and the pups will be $500ea. with a 50% non-refundable deposit (except for injury or death prior to pickup). Buyer IS responsible for shipping or pickup. I use Cajun Pet Express, but buyer is free to use any form of shipping. Air travel shipping can be provided from Austin Bergstrom, buyer purchases TSA approved shipping crate. Dogs are located in Temple, Tx. I can send pics via text/email. My contact is 936-366-3024 and email is artillery97_03@yahoo.com 09/24/13
BMC-7 month old male will bay a hog all day and catch 50 lbs or less he is bob tail and brindle in color will take $100 call or text 3216240008 located in st.cloud fl 09/24/13
Black mouth cur gyp-Very well started dog 1 year old will bay a hog hasn't found one yet but starting to go out and hunt. Will take $200 or garmin dc 40 collar call or text 3216240008 located st.cloud fl 09/24/13
I have a Bmc female 4 yrs old she hunts hard and is really really gritty only reason getting rid of her is we have quite a few of her pups that we are hunting. Have had her catch a 200 lb hog by herself. Not going to lie I haven’t hunted her in prob 2 months because of hunting young dogs. For sale for 200. You can call or text 918-381-9327 oklahoma9/20/13
Blackmouth female 8 months old well started very gritty long legged and fast $400 firm 863 944 1119 Lakeland Florida 9/20/13
Yellow cur dog puppies 8 weeks old for sale. $75. Call for more info and pics. 8635595773 09/17/13
FBMCBO Inc. Line bred Weatherfords Ben & Yellow Jacket. 6 weeks old $450.00 1 male & 4 females. Consider trade. Please contact Darrel by text 409-939-3299 or email dannarives@gmail.com. Pictures upon request. Parents on site. 09/17/13
Started 10 month mountain cur female. Super fast, loud bark, bays tight. Still not real consistent on hunting patterns but I honestly think that's the puppy still working out. $200 12 week chocolate female pit $150 14 week black female pit $150 Central west Alabama 334-341-1100 09/17/13
4yo bmc for sale, she is a good hunting dog, cast dog hunts 600 to 700 yards out. she is not ruff wont put teeth on a hog will find her own hog and stay with it. hunts well with other dogs, but she is not ruff enough for what i need. asking $1000 ill send pics via text feel free to text 251-769-5066. located in Jackson AL. is a lil open on track when it gets hot! 09/17/13
FBMCBOI FEMALE ~ 5years old-. Good mom, Throws good pups. Not catchy at all. Will work a hog. independent. 800 BEST OFFER TAKES HER.... Will take off price for cut gear or dog box for duramax....(maybe a solid MALE catchdog or RCD)- reason for selling is she is a female and not super rough. Would be a good addition to someone who knows foundation dogs and wants to make some pups. And like I said, she will work a hog. Located in SAN ANTONIO. Willing to meet within reason Call for more info 2107491619 09/17/13
Puppies Ready to Go Now!! South Georgia Black Mouth Cur - Ladner Purebred ~ We have 2 Males and 1 Female available. Born 7/20/2013. Both parents came from Mr. Ladner. Our dogs are hunters and are the best tree dogs available. They will track blood trails of wounded animals well. Very good temperaments. Excellent pets. Very good with children. NKC registered. Pedigree Available. Sire and Dam are full blooded Ladner Yellow Black Mouth Curs. Sire is out of Ladner's Rambo. Dam is out of Ladner's Chester. We only have one or two litters per year. Have all had a vet checkup. Up to date on all shots. Call Hal @229-869-5199 or email $500 OBO southgeorgiabmc@gmail.com PRICE: $500 OBO PHONE: 229-869-5199 EMAIL: southgeorgiabmc@gmail.com 09/17/13
I have a finished cur trash broke silent med to long range very fast gritty enought to stop running hog bays real tight good nose cast hunt or walk hunt he will airboat hunt . easy to handle if he is baying a hog then catch dog catches it he will catch tell him caught hog he will let go and find another one this dog will bring meat to the freezer 800 don't waste my time 352-586-7775 9/13/13
I have a FEMALE BLACK MOUTH CUR, 6 Months old $200 I have to sale. She has not been Started yet. Out of two REALLY NICE DOGS!. I have way too many dogs so I am selling a few of the dogs around 6 months old. Other options available. Mike 985-630-2460 09/10/13
I have a BMC gyp 11 months old. She has been on a few hogs bays great, she stays with old dogs great. Reason i am trying to sell her i have all hounds other than her and am trying to start many young dogs. 200 dollars or trade text 850-556-2894 09/10/13
1 year old black and white mountain cur female. Good watch dog. $50 call 580-227-2940 09/10/13
Black Mouth Cur Male - 2 year old BMC male. Showing some interest, getting out of hogging. He has alot of energy has seen some hogs needs some work. Will give to a kid that is going to hunt him. Otherwise he is $150.00 Contact- HR @ six-six-2- two-5-1-2738 or thegroundskeeper.hr@gmail.com 09/10/13
BMC puppies for sale, mother is full blooded PARTIN bmc and father is Florida BMC. Parents from Jim Frasier from Okeechobee. Very smart, parents are guard/family dogs and grandparents are cattle/hog dogs. Males and females $300.00 available 9/30/13. I can email/text pictures. Please call or text 386-985-0085. 9/6/13
Registered FBMCBO Pup: I have a 9 month old pup that has been exposed and taken a few times. Could easily go on hogs still. She is double bred Wright's Yellow Jacket. Cinco wants to work. I'm not using dog much anymore so she's up for sale. Papers in hand. Located in SW MISSOURI. $750 Email: equinedesign86@gmail.com (402)575-8291 09/03/13
I have one female cur puppy left from a litter. I kept two and picked which one I wanted to keep from the two. 14 weeks old has had 3 7 in 1 shots and wormed. Mom is FBMCBO from Bay Head Cut Vest. Dad is a Florida cur from a friend who Cowboys for a living. Pup is real gritty. Botb parents are working cow dogs. $75 obo. Email me at harrison1987.sh@gmail.com please include a phone number. Located in polk county Fl 09/03/13
I have one female cur puppy left from a litter. I kept two and picked which one I wanted to keep from the two. 14 weeks old has had 3 7 in 1 shots and wormed. Mom is FBMCBO from Bay Head Cut Vest. Dad is a Florida cur from a friend who Cowboys for a living. Pup is real gritty. Botb parents are working cow dogs. $75 obo. Email me at harrison1987.sh@gmail.com please include a phone number. Located in polk county Fl 09/03/13
Foundation Registered Female Pup: I have a nearly 6 month old female foundation registered blackmouth cur. She is out of two finished hog dogs. I own the male and he is a medium range strike dog that needs NO help. She has a good demeanor but I just don't have time to start her. $300 Email: matthewrbarnard@hotmail.com or 870-904-9536 09/03/13
Started hog dog for sale metter ga. I have a black mouth cur randy Wrights witch is weatherford bin he is about 2 years old he will catch up to 150lb hog I've hunted him some he just needs to be put with a good dog to finish him off he will make a good dog he is silent on trail and is a wind dog $500 9126875341 Tony call or txt 09/03/13
I have 2 year old bmc hunts off truck or will cast , he is a hot nose dog he will catch a hog , he could be used for a run and catch dog asking 400$- 205-544-5565 09/03/13
Med range yellow black mouth cur 2 years old, ruff as heck but not dumb. Has run a hog over three miles by himself. Cold nose track driver. (936)714-6784 09/03/13


NALC pups coming 3/20/2014

Taking deposits for this litter out of Rio over Luci. Photo is of Rio. This cross has produced good working pups. Luci is out of old stock that goes back to Blairs Kacotharoc, a litter mate to Blairs Clyde on the top side and Hawk Hills Renegade over Cherokees Chantilly Lacy on bottom which goes back to Muddy Rivers Jezebel. Rio is a Mike Lee bred grandson of Oak Runs Cayo Conch, a 5 way grand champion who tested one of the best pin hip scores in the breed. Rio was started at 18 months and found and bayed his own hog first run out. Pups should be quick starters, and fine breeding stock to build a program from.

$250 to $400 ea.

Steve Walker, Taylor, TX 512-525-6658


NALC reg. Catahoula Puppies

NALC reg. Catahoula Puppies for sale. Born Aug. 10, 2013. They have multi colored coats, red patchworks, blue leapards, black and tan, and blue patch work. Most have at least one glass eye. Asking 250.00 each. They have had their first round of shots. Contact Randall @ (830) 798-4246



Philwood's Farm & Kennel   

Your answer to your Cow or Hog dog needs. Baydogs: Leopard Stockdogs, Yellow Curdogs, Blackmouth Curdogs, and Catahoula Curdogs, these dogs are from the very best bloodlines of Stockdogs in the United States. Old bloodlines, Ricker Driver of Texas, Old Billy Wright (1898-1985) of Cleveland, Texas, Charles Long of Texas, Earl Baker of Texas, Henderson of Georgia, Chester Wager of Louisiana, Joe Bell of Texas, Ben Jordan of Oklahoma, and Bill Guans of Henderson, Texas, all of these bloodlines are in my Curdogs.

Phillips' Farm & Kennel

129 Polk 198 Mena, Arkansas 71953

Home: 479 394 4460 Cell: 479 234 0762

Email philphillips39@earthlink.net



Papered Louisiana Catahoula 2 years old Silent on trail Bay's good Medium range $500 cash obo Call Ryan @ 352-400-2740 Located in central Florida in between Ocala and Orlando 4/15/14
5 month old Catahoula. I have a male leopard catahoula for sale. I have the litter enrollment forms to register him. He bays good and is very gritty, but I just have to many males. I have videos of him baying. 850 241 3483 located in Tallahassee fl 4/15/14
Catahoula female started in the woods. 16 months old she bays hard on a big hog but to rough on a small hog for me. That's the only reason she is for sale. 300 firm South Carolina. 843 908 0831 4/8/14
Skeleton Creek Catahoula's has a NALC reg. litter ready to go. 6 girls, 4 boys out of two of my best hunters. Pups out of this breeding have found their own hog at 6 months. $250.00 cash or trade for ammo or guns. Give me a call at 4O5 88O 7899 or email me at bradp405@hotmail.com you can also find the pups on facebook just look up my kenel name in this add. 4/8/14
NALC Registered Catahoula Leopard pups born 4/1/14. 3 males , 3 females. Facahatchee/J Cross bloodlines. Barefoot Catahoulas located in Central Fl. Text/call 407-383-6645 or bushhawgit@yahoo.com for pics/info 4/4/14
calahula mom and dad both hog dogs 2 weeks old look good will run hogs by 6 mos old or u can have ur money back 150$ 228 671 6613 poplarville ms 4/1/14
Male catahoula 16 months old started. Will put mouth on hog and stop it. 300 located in Fayette, al 2053443304 4/1/14
3 month old cat puppies 2 females left can send pics would like 100 apiece or trade for guns or ammo 850-843-4758 4/1/14
I have a purebred catahoula female. She is a GREAT help dog. Bays tight and will get gritty if need be. Smaller hogs consider them caught. She's the quickest dog I got. As far as long range that ain't her. She sticks close but where there's hogs and hot sign she's gone. She's 3 years old. Might trade on a longer range finished dog that's silent or she's priced at 400 bucks firm. Located in Gaffney SC call or text 864-812-2215. Thanks. 3/28/14
Two male catahoula bay pen dogs 337 2074223 3/28/14
For Sale Blue Leopard female dog needs to go hunting about 10 months old. $175.00 386-288-2069 3/21/14
NALC reg. Pups Born Feb. 14, 2014. Four (4) females, five (5) males. They are eating and ready to go. Blue leopards, Blue eyes. Contact: 318-230-0575, email circlejpranch@hotmail.com , photos available. 3/18/14
Papered cattahoula female for sale. 8 months old Barely started in woods. Will bark at a hog. Located in north palm beach fl. 300.00. Contact info. 8506853282 3/18/14
NALC CATAHOULA PUPS 1 Female, black. 3 males, one red, one leapord, one black. Parents are good hunters. 3 months old. Shots up to date. Located near Lubbock TX travels to Oklahoma Frequently. 8065441232 Price $300 3/18/14
Catahoula... Middle Georgia... Registered Male Catahoula. 6 years old this June. Finished Baydog. this is a jam up finished woods dog. Med-long range.This dog is semi open on track will bark on trail at times if bay breaks.completely trash broken.Have owned this dog since he was 6 months old. Have caught over 450 hogs with him... Will offer a trial... $2500 cash FIRM. will not take any less or trades. . Brian 478-397-2214 3/14/14
l have a 1 1/2 year old red merle female one glass eye that hates a hog. Has only been in woods twice but honored the bay both times and was caught hard on ear. Ive had her in a 4 acre bay pen 4 times and she will flat work a hog to death. I honestly think she could win some money in bay pen. Might even make bad ass cowdog she has a ton herding instinct. Asking 150 shes no cull I promise that. My cell is 254-855-8882 3/11/14
Downsizing, need to sell. Blue leopard male, blue eyes. NALC registered "Newt". Birth date 02/27/2010. Sired by Case's Red Man, Dam is LRB's Kida. Used as stud dog…sires very nice pups, throw lots of color. $500.00. White and blue leopard female, blue eyes. NALC registered "Blue Sky's Jessie Jane". Birthdate 10/31/2011. Sire Heavenly Hills Brodie, Dam: Blue Sky's Hollerater. $400.00 Used as brood gyp…litters have lots of color. Red leopard female with light tan and white trim, green eyes. NALC registered "Rockin' RL & T's Bella". Birthdate 08/14/2012. Purchased for brood gyp, have not bred her at this point. $300.00. Two black and tan male pups. Newt X Crawdad's Roux. NALC registered. $150/ea. Will sell as buyer take all for $1000.00. I have taken on some extra work and no longer have the time. Call or text 580.775.4238…email rockintcattle@yahoo.com. 3/7/14
I have a wonderful six year old Male Catahoula Hunting Dog. He is very smart. He is about 65 pounds Black, Grey, with white feet. I have never seen a fighter like this dog. I just know he was born to hunt hogs. He is current on his shots and ready for a working home. I am willing to give him away to a good home just to avoid having to put him down. I can not keep him any longer and I hope to find a good home for him. I would be willing to help with the delivery as well. Frankie Wellman 801.588.9215 frankiewellman@gmail.com. The dog's name is Bravo and I assure you this dog is a winner. 3/4/14
6 month old Catahoulas for sale out of excellent stock. Parents are proven in the baypen and in the woods. Mom is Opal out of Champ & Ray's Cat and Dad is Indian Bayou's WD out of SC Hunter's Bert & Cut em Loose's Foxey. 4 males & 1 gyp available. $500 each located in north Louisiana. For more information or for pictures call 870-304-7389 or e-mail bbpainting2011@yahoo.com. 3/4/14
5 month old female catahoula. Up to date on all shots. $300 3 year old catahoula female for sale. $200 will catch and doesn't trash on stuff. Text 863-221-0554 for pictures 3/4/14
Nalc registered catahoula puppies for sale. Born 2/5 sire is Aden's Copper Boy, grandsire Aden's Gaby Hayes granddam McCurrdy's Lollipop. Copper is a red leopard 65lbs hog hunting dog on the Mississippi gulf coast hunting on the Pearl River marsh. Dam is Heavenly Hill's Allicat, grandsire Lee's Cherokee Red granddam LMA's Cowgirl. Alli is a dark black and grey leopard 65lbs. 1 blue lep female, 1 red lep male and 1 red and tan female available. $300 for the leps $200 for the solid. Call Anthony 850-393-4754. 3/4/14
I have a 5 month female catahoula that has not been started, but is out of good bloodline. If interested please call (205)523-2762 or (205)333-8215. $125.00 3/4/14
3 year old NALC catahoula female help dog. Learning to trail, will catch. Silent. Started blood trailing and has found 6 out of 11 deer.
$500 Firm Six Six Two-251-2738 2/28/14
Male, one and a half year old Catahoula Cur for sale. Works excellent in bay pens and been on about 10 hogs. Very gritty dog with a lot of heart. Runs well with other dogs but not very independent. Still has a few kinks that needs to be worked on but other than that is a finished dog. Asking 400 or best offer. Call or text (334) 304-0753/or (334) 301-5448 2/28/14
1 Female, black. 3 males, one red, one leapord, one black. Parents are good hunters. 8 weeks old. Have first shots. Located near Lubbock TX travels to Oklahoma Frequently. 8065441232 Price $300 2/28/14
NALC Catahoula Pups For Sale 1 Female, black. 3 males, one red, one leapord, one black. Parents are good hunters. 7 weeks old. Have first shots. Located near Lubbock TX travels to Oklahoma Frequently. Price $300 2/25/14
Catahoula male almost a year old. Blue leopard with cracked eyes. Very smart and willing dog. Located in South Georgia. $250 or trade for Australian Shepherd or Australian Cattle Dog. 912-381-9502 2/25/14
7 yr old male cat silent can cast, wind, road or track hunt. He is ROUGH will give 2 week trial. Located in N FL between Lake City and Gainesville. 3522812262 $1000. 2/25/14
Northern California Catahoula: 8 year Male finished strike dog. Trash broke and good with other dogs. $1,200 707-738-2718 2/21/14
Two black and tan NALC registered males 10 weeks old. $150 each. Call or text 580.775.4238 or emailrockintcattle@yahoo.com. 2/18/14
I have two female catahoulas for sale. These are California catahoulas I will not ship! First dog is a papered 5 year old female that has had one litter. She will open up from the truck but is quiet on track. She will not get a hold and will not quit. Been on about 300 hogs anywhere from 50lbs to 400lbs doesn't need a vest or collar on her. She will back off on command a break a hog when called off...she is great with ppl and other dogs...great watch dog too....1200 firm Second dog is a 2.5 year old catahoula female. Bred her with my best strike dog to the second best. She is kind and Stan offish but will warm up great once she knows you. Great with kids, my 1 year old crawls all over her. She wants to be rough but like tonight running solo will stand back and bay. Needs a cut collar. Will not stop. Gorgeous lepeorad...700 firm Call or txt 831-235-2572 2/18/14
NALC registered puppy's that are 10 weeks old...colored, patched, Merle's, brindle, black n tan. Glass eyes...4 males and 4 females...located in Pensacola Fl...$250-$150 call or text 8503827six88 2/18/14
Pale Horse Ranch has a litter of Catahoula's ready for new homes. Both parents work cattle, hogs and have hunted everything from rabbits to boar and bear. The dad is the best coyote dog I have ever owned. We have eight puppies that are eight weeks old and two one year old started dogs,asking 350 for the pups and 500 for the started dogs. Open to trades for hogs, cattle, horse tack or hunting gear. The pups are black and tan, red and tan, and leopard colored, with a lot of blue eyes. The two older pups are both leopard colored and have been started herding and hunting, excellent dogs, I kept three back out of their litter now it's time to keep the one I like the best and find new homes for the other two. If you would like to know more about our dogs give us a call or email. 815-440-6103 orprosoldier213@hotmail.com, no texts 2/13/14
I have a reg cat 8yrs big male jam up dog in the pen. Just doesn't do what I would like him to do in the woods awesome competition dog. Video on request Call or text 662-816-8621 north ms $300 obo dharbuck@olemiss.edu 2/11/14
NALC Registered Female Catahoula grey leopard with blue eye, very pretty, born 6/9/13. She works hogs much better than cattle $300 firm. Have another dog that's the same way, very catchy on hogs. Take both for $450! Or may trade for guns. No text, please! In the East Texas area. Clint at (706)551-1928. 2/11/14
Started catahoula pups. 8months old Started on cattle bay reall ruff athletic and paperd. 300$ each. 2097423273. Serious calls only 2/11/14
Catahoula 5 years old - Big Brindle Female - Good Brood Gyp - If you cast her out by herself, she hunts out 300-400 yards - If you walk hunt she's a close range dog - Finds Hogs - Gets Rough With Other Gritty Dogs - $500 - Located in Norway, SC - 803-308-1679 CALLS ONLY - NO TEXTS 2/11/14
6 month old red merle female Catahoula, has one glass glass eye. Came out of good working dogs, slightly started on hogs. just don't have the time for her anymore. very intelligent dog. will take 150$ or possible trade to BMC female. Call/Text anytime 3344294027. 2/7/14
NALC reg. female (spayed) 3 yrs old Catahoula, double glass eyes, merle. This dog needs a job – she knows basic obedience (sit, down, wait, heel) and is ready to start working. $400. 3256690945kemp.linda@gmail.com for more info, pictures. Abilene, TX. 2/7/14
7 month old Registerable Catahoula gyp. Blue leopard with both glass eyes. Bays in pen. Stud is grandson of Blair's Diamond Cutter. 150 Contact David 9033053874. Located in northeast Texas 2/7/14
NALC REG. Catahoula puppies, $150. each from proven working cowdogs, hogdogs, and breeing bloodlines. Guard, show dogs, & family pets. Aryon McGuire Grayson. 649-5583 or 376-1161 1/28/14
Blue leopard catahoula with double glass eyes. Female. Has been started in pen. Bays decent, will get rough with other dogs. $100Dark grey and black leopard. Female. Has been started in pen. Bays good. Not gritty. $100 Reason for selling is we are getting rid of all non registered dogs and going to papered curs and hounds. Will make package deals. Haven't had a chance to put these dogs in the woods yet. Located in Gloster, ms can bring to Amite, la txt or call 225-347-4253 or 601-300-0165 1/28/14
**PRICE CHANGE** Purebred Catahoula pup Black/Tan pup. 5 month old male. Sire is registered dam is not. Very healthy and friendly. Mother was used on hogs in SC, father on cattle here in VA. UTD on shots/wormings. Located in central Virginia 434-242-3562 Now FREE to a hunting/farm home.
Registered Catahoula Pups for sale. Born 6/9/13, out of good working stock. These pups will work anything. East Texas Area. Call for picture or video ar (706)551-1928 1/21/14
Catahoula puppies born 12/6/13. Ready to go 2/1/14. Both dogs work cattle but could go any direction. 6 grey merle males, 2 grey merle mails, and 1 tan with white trim female. Will have first shot and will be wormed by the first. $100 each, can e-mail pics. Located in Tonopah, Arizona, west of Phoenix along I-10. Contact Michael 602-882-9698 Price: $100.00 each Phone: 602-882-9698 1/21/14
3 year old Catahoula female.Short to Medium range dog, gritty, catches if 150 or less. Not long range. But if in good sign will hunt where ever it takes her. Will stop a hog, small and athletic. Have papers. Been on plenty of hogs just want something long range. 500 bucks. Located in South Carolina call or text 864-812-2215. 1/21/14
3 NALC Registered Catahoula pups for sale. Born June 2013, from good working stock. In East Texas area. Please, call Clint at (706)551-1928 1/21/14
7 yr old male reg road, cast, track or wind. Easy to handle not ill with other dogs. Will give trial. Firm NO trades $1200. Located in Gainesville Florida. 3522812262 1/17/14
2 year old registered blue Merle Catahoula male. Great bloodlines, great breeding stock and bay's great!! $600.00 Call (843)860-0767 for more information.. 3 year old registered treeing walker hound. He has been hunted on bear but now currently used for hog dog. He Will hunt by himself, great strike and trail dog. Call (843)860-0767 for details and pictures and $700.00 1/14/14
NALC registered cat pups. Born November 20. Ready to go now. I have leopards and solids. Blue green and brown eyed. Out of working dogs. $200 each Philadelphia ms 6014167286. 1/14/14
2 yom Catahoula Blue Leopard started. Started dog, does well in bay pen, will hunt out with other dogs, silent on track. Not dog or people aggressive asking $200 334-391-6851 Central Alabama 1/14/14
Catahoula strike dog I have a 2 yr old catahoula strike dog silent on track will stop a runner then bays loose medium range asking $800 can txt 3617460701 for pics located in temple tx 1/10/14
I have a Registered 2 year old Male Catahoula for sale. He hunts well in good sign and is very gritty. If there is NO sign he will be close. He has caught his own hog and been on many catches. I am selling him as a started dog. $300 Call 662.574.5196 for pics or info. 1/10/14
Reg Cat gyps, 2yr, close,silent,rough. Koon's bred, black. 500 for pair or trade for hound of equal value. 225-571-5234 Kurt, SE La. 1/7/14
Nalc pups Catahoula pups born11-27-13 $150 a pup off of cow and hog dogs 985 677-2007 1/7/14
Bay Dogs for sale. 2 male Catahoula, 13 months old. Ready to go to woods. $500/each firm. Have video can email for serious inquiries only. Call or text 580-263-0528. 12/31/13
NALC Registered Catahoula Alpha Female approximately 35 lbs..... Black/Tan. She has been in on solid bays on hogs found over 1/2 mile from drop point when working my male. Still a little green but has a lot of go and great personality. Raised around kids, Alpha female in yard since birth and not a fighter around other dogs. She is a top quality dog. $800.00 Joe Conte (813) 394-9404 – Cell 12/17/13
I have 6yr old catahoula/bmc gyp long range and will roll on! $600 ardmore ok 580-224-7824 text is the best way to get ahold of me! Thanks 12/13/13
I have a catahoula bay dog finished. Fines own hogs and strickly bays... call or textt 352 221 0583 12/13/13
Blue eyed Catahoula leopards 16wks Excellent bloodlines $250 Sherry 407-718-2415 S Louisiana 12/6/13
Free Catahoula! would make great deer or hog dog, one year old, not good with kids. free. 4074027550 chuck text & we will send pictures. central florida. seminole county. 12/4/13
3 catahoula dogs for sale. Black female is 6 months old and is doing pretty well with a hog in a pen. Is gritty but will back up and bay. She's just a pup. Red leopard male is 7 months old. He likes to bay one, prefers them to move around more so he can bite them. He's just a pup. Blue Leopard female is 2.5 years old. Bays good on a hog in a pen, been hunting a couple times but never got into hogs (she will keep going with us until she sells and we will tell you how she does, the more experience and the better she gets the more her price will come up). She's a young dog that needs lots of hogs; not finished but started. Batesville, AR 870-251-7836 Txt 405-664-7046 for pictures and videos. Black female: $200 Red leopard male: $200 Blue leopard female: $300 12/4/13
4yo blue leopard catahoula male. Big old school build. Two glass eyes. Has found own hogs. 100% silent and is super super gritty. We use him as a catch dog. Even temperment. Just don't like to be messed with or have other dogs by him when he is eating. Asking $300 but I am negotiable. Located in Amite, la 225-347-4253 12/4/13
CATAHOULA woods and bay pen dogs. These dogs are from a long line of catahoulas that I have bred since 1977. They have been winning in competition since 1994. Will show in woods or bay pen. Started dogs $300-$600. Located in Louisiana. 318-548-5869 12/4/13
1.5 year old male catahoula. Well started. Gritty. Runs with other dogs just hasn't found one on his own yet. Also have a female 6 month old bmc & 7 month male American bulldog. They are not started yet. Text 9048941777 for any questions and prices 12/4/13
I have a 3 year old female Catahoula for sale. Medium range hunting dog. Gritty and quick on stopping a Hawg. Will catch Hawg sometimes depending on size. Has papers as well. Asking 500 bucks for her. Call or text with any questions.... 864-812-2215 located in South Carolina. 11/30/13
Catahoula walker mix bay dog.... guaranteed money back call or tec 352-221-0583 The dog is 2 years old he's finished and just jam up.... I won't take any less than 500 for him cause I know what he does. He's all white with lemon pied ears. He's silent mouth till he sees it then its on 11/22/13
(3) NALC Registered Gyps for sale. (1) white with blue leopard patches, glass eyed. Two years old. Have raised a beautiful litter of pups out of her. $400.00 (1) Red leopard with tan and white trim. Green eyes. $400.00 just over a year old. (1) solid red with tan and white trim green eyes. Just over a year old. $300.00. Call or text 580.775.4238 or email rockintcattle@yahoo.com. 11/22/13
Catahoula Female 6 months old. Has saw a hog twice. Bayed it both times. Blue color. South-east Louisiana. $200 985-630-2460 11/19/13
NALC Catahoula Puppies. DOB 9-9-13. Sire Sliman's Barney 90 lbs. (GR CH Bubba Gump x Lee's Cactus Annie). Bubba Gump is (GR CH Snickers x Conch's Bubbette), Cactus Annie is (Apache x Lee's TeFeFe). Barney is straight catch. Real good looking stout built, blocky Catahoula. Very Smart. Dam to puppies is J&J Izzy2 (Conch's Chance x Cowhunter's Jigtime). Chance is (Happy Hollow Specks x Muddy River's Ceviche). Jigtime is (Rogers Buck Too x J&J's Hoochy Coochy). Izzy is straight cowdog, working ranch dog. Heavy windmill circle dog with tons of handle. On/Off cattle, here-to-me, come behind, load up, etc. High level of functional intelligence and trainability with high drive. Puppies have two rounds of shots, wormed 4 times w/Strongid, big healthy farm raised pups. Ready to go now. Leopards, patchworks, blacks. Over 20 yrs experience w/ Catahoulas. Quality puppies from real working parents. Located in SW Arkansas close to Texas Line. $350. Yes, I have pictures. 903-824-0486 11/19/13
4 yr old male cat finished trail dog dont fight with other males or nothing barks on his butt 700 second dog 1 1/2 old curr/bull gyp loves a hog startin to wind off truck 300 text 8632349846 for pics 11/19/13
Catahoula Leopard dogs for sale. Catahoula Leopard dogs for sale. NALC registered. 1 male and 2 females, all over 2 years old. All started on hogs. Asking $250.00 for each dog. All are good natured dogs. Contact Randy in Luling, Texas at 512-738-7741. 11/19/13
Two Catahoula Puppies for sale. One male and one female. Male is solid black with white chest, female is blue leopard with tan trim. 10 weeks old. Built stocky. Up to date on vaccines and deworming. No paperwork. Off of working hog dogs. Grand kids of Heavenly Hill's Speck. Located in south MS. $100 each E-mail me your number to fldogwoman@hotmail.com with serious inquiries and I will call you right away. 11/15/13
Full blooded Catahoula puppies 8 weeks old. Will make good hog dogs. Have shots & wormed. $150 843-687-5816 11/13/13
Pups for sale out of proven outside dogs. Registered and grade pups. Call/text for info. Keith at 318-307-5209, resonance 11/8/13
3 cahahoulas with a touch of hound for sale. 1st is a 4 yr old gyp red lep, 2nd 3yr oldyellow lep male, 3rd brownish black lep with white trim. first 2 will bay a hog by there self the third is coming along good will honor bay needs more time in the woods 918 689 0400 11/05/13
Catahoula Female - DOB: 5/27/13 - 1st time in bay pen & she went straight to baying and grabbing hold of the tail and nuts! - Showing tons of drive & grit for a 5 Month old puppy! $150 or trade for a red/white or buckskin female deer dog puppy. Jagd Terrier Male - 2 1/2yrs Old - Rough Coated & Just as rough on a hog! Finds his own, rigs out the box, silent on track, bays tight & if they give him a shot, he'll be hanging off the ear! He hunts hard, beats the briars down. Long Range/ Must have a Tracking System. This little guy is non-stop! $750 - Located In SC, Can Meet If You Cover Fuel Costs - 803-383-8931 10/25/13
NALC Catahoula pups for sale. Only two males left. Born June 23, 2013. Bred from good working stock. one brown pup and spotted pup with blue eyes. $250 each. In East Texas area. Call Clint at (706)551-1928. 10/22/13

Black Oak Catahoulas    

NALC registered Catahoulas since 1995. Pups and young adults available now.  Champion bloodlines, proven working & show stock. Grandsons/daughters of our late champion Lee's Mississippi Buck - a perfect blend of grit and beauty -truly a once in a lifetime dog, and an outstanding producer. Pups born 04/01/12: one blue leopard male, two black males, and three black females. All carry red. Young adults born 04/02/11: two blue leopard males and one black & white female. All pups/dogs are up to date on vaccines and monthly heartworm/flea preventive. Stud service is also available on a limited basis to approved NALC registered females.

Contact Miranda Greer DVM. Email catahouladog@hotmail.com or call/text 903-330-5922.


Muddy Water Catahoula ~ NALC Reg Catahoula pups:4 pups 2M & 2F will be ready to go in 7 weeks Mid December. DOB 30-OCT-13. Asking $500 all leps should have some with glass eyes some cracks and reverse brindle. If interested we can be contacted by text call or email. Out of best strike dog and fastest baydog. 757 943-0058 pagela2@yahoo.com 10/18/13
Catahoula purebred: We have 9 pups just hit the ground 10/1/2013 7 females 2 champion sired dad is boss owned by Tracy pierce of tuskers magazine mom is a 75lb gip both parents hunt and won hog tournaments there working parents papered tulsa ok. Price $220 Phone # 405-234-7781 email:amctileandstone@yahoo.com 10/18/13
Registered and unregistered Catahoula puppies for sell. Registered pups $50 a piece non registered $25. Not culls good bloodline. I have to many. They have to go. Still have grown dogs. Buy a grown dog and I will give you a pup. Call 662-574-5196. Columbus MS. 10/18/13
Three beautiful NALC Registered Catahoula Puppies for Sale. There are 2 females and 1 male. The male is white with merle patches and he has awesome blue eyes. There is a black with tan trim female and a blue-eyed white with merle patches female. The white with merle patches puppies are $350 each and the black with tan trim puppy is $250. Available now! Dewormed and shots up-to-date. We are located in Mobile, Alabama. If you have any questions please feel free to call 251-344-4404. If we do not answer immediately please leave a message and we will promptly call you back. 10/15/13
I have a 5 yr old catahoula male hog dog for sale. Silent on track, can be rough depending on size of the hog, when he bays its a big hog. Will find his own hog all day as long as the sign is fresh. Hes fast in a hot race and stays hooked well. Easy to handle, well natured. Needs to be run with vest asking 2,000$ call 662-902-2555 my name is Taylor Allen Flowers located in Clarksdale, MS 10/15/13
NALC Catahoula puppies for sell. Reg. and come with first shots and wormed. Leps are 350 and solids are 250. There are 6 left. Located in Sylvester, Ga. Call or text 229-206-3090 10/15/13
3 year old catahoula strike dog. Medium range, trash broke, will stop a runner but bays loose. I'm asking 450 for him. 979-203-5253 10/15/13
I have 3 half Catahoula half American bulldog pups for sale. 2 are males that are black & white and the female is a blue leopard. They are 12 weeks old and up to date on shots. I am asking $100 but might consider a trade for guns. I’m located in SW Oklahoma and might be able to deliver in areas toward Wichita Falls or Oklahoma City. 10/15/13
I have an 8 month old intact female Catahoula for sale. She is off of good hog dog stock. I haven't had much time to fool with her, but I have brought her back to our pen a couple times and she was starting up with baying with verbal encouragement. She should make a good dog for someone who has the time to get her started up, I lack the time. I don't want her sitting up going to waste, so I decided to make her available to someone else. She is white, with red leopard, and double glass eyes. She is not deaf. No papers on her. She is up to date on vaccines and dewormings, as well as heartworm prevention. Good temperament, good with children and other dogs. Submissive. Must meet to pick her up in Picayune, MS. $150, or trade for used Garmin Astro 220 handheld unit SERIOUS inquiries only please. E-mail me at dnacurtus@gmail.com with your name and number and I will call you. 10/15/13
2 1/2 yr old male catahula bays tight and has grit located in east Texas he is not a strike dog but a jam up bay dog asking 250.00 can send pics 9032886093 10/11/13
Catahoula pups 4 months old 250.00 501-276-3360 Hardtimesdb@yahoo.com 10/11/13
I have a male catahoula strike dog. 3 years old trash broke medium range. Im asking 600 for him. 979-203-5253 10/11/13
Nalc Reg. Catahoula pups; two separate unrelated litters; one 9-29-13, the other 10-08-13. Have 1ea. male, fem. left available from 1st litter, and 4males, 2 fems. available from the second litter. Bloodlines; Lonesome Dove, TNB,Moffits,Weems,Blue Sky,etc. 1st litter, Abney,Blue Sky, Camp a While in the 2nd litter. Solids; black/white $150, Blue leopards $250. can email pics. or call 512-567-6769 in central Tx. 10/11/13
I have 5 young catahulas jip for sale 3 of them are started in the woods prices from 200 to 600 or will sale as a package deal or traded for garmin collars #352)535-5079 10/08/13
NALC catahoula pups. Born 8-18-13. We have 2 males blue leopards w/white gray and black patches and 1 chocolate female left. Asking $250 each. Photos available, email circlejpranch@hotmail.com or call 318-230-0575. 10/08/13
Nalc reg Catahoula female for sale 7 years old 75% finished $300 bay saint Louis ms 228-363-4902 10/4/13
Five beautiful NALC Registered Catahoula Puppies for Sale. There are 3 males and 2 females. Of the males, one is white with merle patches and two are black with tan trim. There is a black with tan trim female and a white with merle patches female. The white with merle patches puppies are $350 each and the black with tan trim puppies are $250 each. Available now! Dewormed and shots up-to-date. We are located in Mobile, Alabama. If you have any questions please feel free to call 251-344-4404. If we do not answer immediately please leave a message and we will promptly call you back. 10/4/13
I have a 9 month old blue catahoula leopard male dog. Am asking $100. Contact me at (386) 288-2069. 10/4/13
3 leopard catahoula females for sale. Going to all running catch dogs. $100 for the 4 month old pup. $150 ea for the 2, 2 yr old females. Both bred. 3 &4 wks along. I dont get notifications on my phone. Text 803 383 8931 Springfield, SC 10/01/13
We have a litter of NALC reg. Catahoula puppies for 250.00. If your looking for a colored up very attractive dog, and works too, there are many coat colors - red patch, blue patch, blue leapard, red and tan, and black and tan. Most have glass or blue eyes, at least one or partial. Both parents are on premises. Sire / Shakr has been doing well in the baypens. Call or Text Randall @ 830-798-4246. Located in Texas. 9/27/13
I have a 1.5 old male Catahoula well started on hogs and he is open on track. He is a very good dog that likes to hunt the only reason for selling him is I have two litters of pups on the way and I have to make room. I have had him on 30 to 40 hogs and he has done real good for me. He has never trashed anything with me every thing he has chased has been a hog. I well let him go for $300 I am in upstate SC 864-554-6823 9/27/13
Finished glass eyed male Catahoula $800 firm - 6 years old will find and bay his on hog more times than not has bayed 100s of hogs this year mid range dog 1 week trial located in Westminster sc 864-280-1077 Colby 09/24/13
Nalc Registered Catahoula pups 10 weeks old Aden and wager lines $50 each 228-363-4902tonymioton@icloud.com I'm in Mississippi. 09/24/13
NALC registered Catahoula pups. 5 males and 4 females. Born July 4, 2013. Grand Sire to both dam and Sire is Crawdad's Catichitorie. Males $250 and Females $300. For more info call or text 903-217-6327. If no answer please leave message. Email: njane61@yahoo.com 09/24/13
NALC reg. puppies for sale. Born August 10, 2013. Have many multi color pups, most with glass eyes. Nine pups in this litter. Some red patchworks, blue patchworks, blue leapards, and red and tan. Call or text for pictures of pups. Located in Texas, Randall (830)798-4246 or (830) 613-8380. 9/20/13
NALC puppies for sale: 4 males, 3 females, $250 each, out of working stock, both parents on site. 3 blue leopards, 3 blue leopard w/ white and gray patches,1 chocolate, blue eyes. born 8/18/13. Call (318) 230-0575. Email: circlejpranch@hotmail.com 09/17/13
3 NALC registered pups. Black female puppy is 3 months old, out of CX on top. On Bottom Trammel and Crooked Oak. Two pups are litter mate brother and sister; 4 months old, on the Top is McDoniel, Trammel, And Wager. On the bottom is Peach Tree. Black pup is $150 (Little mates) Red leopard male is $250 Chocolate female with brindle trim is $200. Package deals just call or txt and ask! Call 870-251-7836 Txt 405-664-7046 for pictures Newark, Arkansas 09/17/13
I have 5 male and 2 female catahoula puppies out of proven dogs this is a third generation bloodline. Have blue Merle colored and Black and Tan leopard some have single and double glass eyes. Beautiful puppies. Located in Jacksonville FL call or text 9046125114 9/13/13
I have a FEMALE CATAHOULA, 6 Months old $200 I have to sale. Brenal She has not been Started yet. I have way too many dogs so I am selling a few of the dogs around 6 months old. Other options available. Mike Louisiana 985-630-2460 09/10/13
3 catahoula male dogs for sale - 3 male dogs for sale. 2 red leopard catahoulas. 1 solid red 3 quarter catahoula 1 quarter pitbull. All bay good in the pen. Older male has been to the woods a couple times, other 2 males have not. I have video and pictures. Older red leopard male: $300 Younger red leopard male: $250 Solid red male: $200 Call: 870-251-7836 For pictures and videos txt: 405-664-7046 09/10/13
we have 10 week old registered nalc pups for sale . 2 boys and 2 girls out of facahatchee tx chili sire and blue sky dam side , great bloodline for hunting and family pets ...350.00 . we are located in seguin tx and will ship ...830-708-0888 or 830-708-3312 09/10/13
NALC registered Catahoula puppies for sale. Born 6/10/13. 2 males (1 blk/tan and 1 blk/white) and 2 females (1 blk/tan and 1 blk/white). $200 each or best offer. Please call 580-320-1285 or email chadsandlin@sbcglobal.net for pics or info. 09/10/13
nalc reg leopard pups be ready to go around 22nd of sept, for more info and pictures call or text 405 929 0137 located in central west okla, 300 females, 275 males 09/10/13
NALC grey leopard 4 month old female. Partial glass eye, winning personality, $300 Call 580-227-2940 09/10/13
Female Catahoula - Female NALC registered 2 years old. Will run good with a hound. Has seen some hogs and she gets gritty with other dogs. Needs alot of work and to go to someone that is going to hunt her. Will give to a young kid that will hunt. Otherwise She is $250.00 Contact- HR @ six six two- 251- two seven three 8 or thegroundskeeper.her@gmail.com 09/10/13
Crook's Catahoulas: 6 Weeks Old [Born: 9/9/13] Bred and Born in Hog Country; Southeast Alabama Mother-Natural Born Bay Dog, on-site; Lemon Father- Bay and Endurance, on site; Leopard. Wormed and with First Shots. Pure Bred- No Papers $400.00 Each Contact Jimmy @ 334-726-0327 09/10/13
2 Litters of NALC Registered Catahoulas - 2 litters of NALC Registered catahoula for sale. Red leopards and chocolates. The sire of both litters is a very good hog dog in Southwest Mississippi. He is Lee bred and very gritty. The Dams of both litters are Heavy Lee bred going back to Lee's Cherokee Red, Lee's Penny, Lee's El Nino, Pavlick's Lilly Langtree. Pups are $300 for Leopards and $150 for solids. Call Barney 601-657-8779 located in Liberty Mississippi. 09/10/13
I have 9 week old Catahoula pups for sale we have 4 blk/white, 2 leopard/white trim, and 1 tan/white these pups have had first shots and warmed for more info email me at boneheadtaxidermy@yahoo.com we live in west central Arkansas 9/6/13
NALC Registered Catahoulas For Sale in California: Ludlum, Banik, Jackson, and Wager Bloodlines; Out of proven cow & hog dogs; Parents on Site; Smart & Gritty! De-Wormed, 1st & 2nd Puppy Shots and Kennel Cough Nasal already given. Born 6/21/2013 - Currently ready to go! $400.00 firm; Blacks, Black & Whites, Black & Tans... Contact Cezanne (209)742-3273 or email at Picasso1717@sti.net 09/03/13
I have a 2 year old cat well started dog not trashy , will hunt long range . Asking 400$ text at 205-544-5565 09/03/13
My NALC & NKC registered Catahoula pups are 6 weeks old today (9/02/13), I'm asking $300 a puppy. Both mom dog & daddy dog love a hog so the pups should make pretty good little hog dogs!! I have 5 males, 3 females. I'm taking a $100 deposits now + your pick of pup, txt or email me and I'll give you whatever info you need on the parent's bloodlines or how to make your deposits. I am located in Fort Meade, FL My phone number is 863-712-1907 and my email is totalmayhem.catahoula@gmail.com 09/03/13



UKC Reg. Plott pups available DOB 2/13/14. Sire: Pocahontas,Walker,& Primetime bred with more Champion and Grand nite Champion in his pedigree then every. He's also a fairly young dog that's still learning a lot pretty decent HOG/DEER dog. Dam: is out of GRNITECH GRCH BURNETTES ROOSTER. SHE IS A COON DAWG this is one of the most huntest as well as accurate females I've every hunted with. She's CORRECT , on the money,& SURE OF HERSELF when she locks down (by herself) she's there and you just can't ask for anymore than that! $400.00





Plott Hound for Sale

Plott hound for sale. 2 year old female. $500.00. Please contact Amy or email amynewsome@rocketmail.com.

10 year old female plot throws really good pups she is a retired long range strike and baydog but if you need a good puppy trainer she will still roll out she wants to go everytime and has alot of drive $300 only reason forsale is her age I also have 2 male hounds both med-Long range both semifinished 3years old might bump a deer if no hogs r around only plan on selling 1 of them $600 (334)296-1763 4/15/14
Registered plot puppies. 9wks old. $250 Jayess, Ms. 601-757-6404 4/11/14
Reg. Plott pup. Sire used on hogs, damn was started on them and decided to use her as a brood female( to valuable to get hurt). Pups are white hollow bred on top. Damn is capital city bred on top and bayou cajun on bottom. $300.00. 601-747-0100 or CORNERBOYZGAMEFACE@gmail.com 4/8/14
Registered plott male . 2 years old he is hog crazy but needs some time in the woods to finish out. Been on ten or twelve hogs in the woods. Very fast for a plott. 750 South Carolina 843 908 0831. 4/8/14
I have 3 Registered Plot puppies for sale. 2 male and 1 female! $250.00 each. 9 weeks old! If interested call: David Dunaway @ 601-757-6404. 4/8/14
Male plott hound strike dog 2-3 years old, finds his own hogs, will range out 500-600 yards some times more. Not a dog you'll have under foot. Very gritty, has caught on his own several times. Open on track. A hard hunting dog. Located an hour south of Houston, Tx $500 open to trades 2812998091 3/21/14
Plotthounds, Dollins bred, 9 month old female yellow brindle, big mouth lots of drive, 400, 9 week old male pup, red brindle, looks good, 300, call 3522589040, florida 3/21/14
I have a finished plott female about 5 years old. This dog is trash broke and if you put on a track or in fresh sign she will find a hog and stay with it. $700 252-714-2298 3/4/14
Started Male PLOTT. 1.5yr old. Semi Open at times. Closed at other times. Has found his own hogs and has worked tracks over 3m. However is still young and needs lots of work to finish him out. $600 firm. 985-630-2460 South Louisiana. Serious calls only and donot call for a finished dog please. 3/4/14
7 yr old male open mouth trail/rig dog. Put on a track,cast or wind hunt. Will give 2 week trial. Located in N FL between Lake City and Gainesville. NO TRADES 3522812262 $1000. 2/25/14
I have 3 finished plott hounds for sale. One is a 7 year old gyp, one is a 6 year old gyp, the other is a 2 year old male. The 7 year old and 5 year old are both open mouth but will stick a hog for miles. They're short to medium ranged with their hunting (usually 80 to 200 yards depending on the terrain and how fresh the hog sign is you're getting into when walk hunted). The 2 year old male is semi open on track and I raised him from a pup. He was running and baying hogs by himself at one year old and was silent mouthed for the longest but he's recently started opening on track. He's short to medium ranged like the gyps but usually comes off of a hog after a couple miles or so if it won't bay. Also the male is out of Orville Roberts line of plotts and I have papers on him in my name. I usually walk hunt but all these dogs will tag along with a wheeler too if that's how you hunt. They're all excellent dogs and I hate to get rid of them and have been struggling with it for a while. I just have no place for open mouth dogs with the way I hunt now and I also can't have dogs that run hogs for miles given the places I have to hunt. Plus I got 22 dogs now and need to free up some pen space since I don't hunt the open mouths anymore. Asking 1800 for the male, 700 for the 7 year old gyp, and 900 for the 6 year old gyp. I will give a one month trial but if the dog gets killed on a hunt I keep the money. I will consider a discount if you take more than one dog. Call or text 318-366-4764 and SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY! Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours! And I'm also not interested in any trades. If no answer when you call leave me a message and I will call you back, if theres no voicemail chances are that I won't call back. I may be tied up working or chasing hogs when you call but I will get back to you if you leave me a message. Also I live in northeast Louisiana. 2/21/14
Two year old Plott Hound, he comes from good stock and long line of hunters. Hate to get rid of him but I don't have the time to run him and he deserves better. Wanting $100 for him. He is great dog works well with other dogs and other people even my kids. 432-553-1936 Tx 2/21/14
3 full-blood male Plot puppies for sale. $300/ each . Located in Idabel OK. Call 580-579-7814. 2/18/14
Registered Plott Gyp 2 year old papered plott gyp, started in the bay pen but don't run with my hounds. 250.00 dollars Contact 318-452-5504. Text or call. 2/11/14
7 yr old male plott rig/trail dog. Will give trial. NO TRADES and no BS calls. Located in high springs FL 3522812262 $1200. 2/7/14
Plott gyp 1 yr old papered up Cody 2 Pocahontas, weems, hicks, big mouth built right, runs and bays as good as it gets right by herself, has been run on hog only, give her away for 500. Call 3522589040. Florida 1/28/14
7 yr old male plott rig/trail open mouth. Will give trial. Firm NO trades $1300. Located in Gainesville Florida 3522812262 1/17/14
Dollins Bred Plot Hound Puppies For Sale(Bred For Bear) 386-288-2069 01/03/2014
One 5 month old female and a 14 month old female both are litter mates just out of different litters. Asking $150.. For 5mnth and $200.00 for 14mnth. 601-747-0100 orrankinderwick@gmail.com 12/31/13
2yr old plott gyp, built for speed, not very rough, has been on 20-30 bears and struck a few on her own but mostly a pack dog on bear. She will find hogs and has been on several hogs in the woods. She opens a little sometimes but not very much on hogs. She's a good lookin dog, full blood plott but i dont have her papers. I've got too many I'm sellin her for $400 I'm in east texas call or text me 936-524-4212 12/24/13
Plott pups for sale. Two males out of true woods dogs stock. Sire is UKC reg. out of Bush Bottom Jigalo bloodlines. Mother is a dark liver red buckskin. Sire is quite on the track and will open up when he is looking a him. Asking $250. Mendenhall, Ms. email brittmagee12@yahoo.com. 601-382-7200. 12/24/13
We will now be accepting non refundable deposits on select puppies. At this time we are only offering 3 Female Plott pups for sale to the public. We will be asking $200 a pup, $100 deposit, and $100 due at pick up. These pups are off of good dogs and should have good conformation, strong drive and a good nose. Our puppies will receive a 5-1 shot at 6 weeks of age, and a 7-1 at 8 weeks of age. Our puppies will be wormed at 4 weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks of age. Puppies will be ready around January 22nd/January 29th. Our puppies come with a health gurantee. At this time we only accept cash or money order for deposits and final payments. We are willing to ship at expense of the buyer. We are willing to travel to meet free of charge up to 30 miles, after that we will charge 1.00 per additional mile. Please contact us for further information and individual pictures of the available females. Call or Txt either number... Alexis 225-347-4253 or Timothy 225-454-4566 12/13/13
Six weeks old had their first shots. Sire is Hicks and Cascade dam is Pocahontas and Lawerence. Parents are great hog and bear dogs pups should be too. Three males left $150 each. 770 654 9068 thanks GA 12/10/13
Dollins bred plot puppies for sale. Will make number one bear dogs. 386-288-2069 12/6/13
Plott Hound Puppies-We have 6 Plott Puppies for sale. 2 boys and 4girls We are ask $100 each. They have had all their shots and are 8 weeks old. They are ready to go to their new home. The parents are very good hunters! If interested please contact Tina @ 918-948-5908 11/30/13
!!Big Game Bred Pups!! I have a few plott puppy's for sale out of proven hog and bear dogs. Pups are black w/ brindle trim and 4 months old. UKC Reg. Sire and Dam are both nabek bred top and bottom. Call for more info. Clayton. (870) 904 1402. SW Ar. $250.00 each. 11/30/13
I have a 3 month old plot hound , he was the runt of the litter but a great looking pup and I would like to trade him for a Black and Tan , possibly a blue tick . Tampa Florida area 813-453-0244 call me and let me know what ya have . 11/22/13 3 yr old plott gyp UKC reg med nose bays good, fast $325 3522812262 located in N FL 11/22/13
I have a young 7 month old plott off of two closed mouth plotts. Parents have good noses and high drive. Wanted to keep him to work a while but have TOO MANY and have to let some of these young pups go. I have worked him in the pen twice with other dogs and he has started baying. $200 Video can be text of him baying. SERIOUS CALL ONLY PLEASE. Michael Louisiana 985-630-2460 11/13/13
2 plotts for sale first one is 5years old finished strike dog $1500 second dog is a well started plott had found own hogs will stick with one for a long time $800 for him call justin Levins 334 558 4525 11/8/13
I have a 3 Y/O Male Plott that is UKC Purple Ribbon bred. Will cast or take a track. Hes a big tall dog weighs about 80LBS. Very good nose open on track. Will run hog only. Reason for selling is I don't use him much anymore have all silent cur dogs. Will show him hunt your place or mine. Call or text Ricky for more info 813-409-9555 $600.00 11/01/13
Chilcote Plotts: UKC, excellent hog dogs, gritty, fast, quick, excellent nose, voice confirmation, and a lot of bottom. Pups $150-$500 some started. White Hollow, and Sizzlin Heat.References. Oklahoma (405) 837-4100 10/29/13
I have a year old started plott hound will hunt all day she has plenty of drive and bottom. Will turn out to be a top notch hog dog. $500 Call or text 9852373919. I can send pics 10/25/13
1 year old Plott Hound male. Has been well started on hogs. He is simi open, I have a feeling he will open up more as his training progresses. His first time in the woods he went out 500+ yards by himself, tracked and bayed. 100% no dog aggression in the yard or in dog box. Keep him on a chain or in a pen. I know what kind of dog I have and I am not in a hurry to get rid of him. He is going to be one bad ass dog when he is finished out. Just needs hunting time. I have a lot going on right now and two litters of pups on the way... Just trying to downsize a little. I am asking $350 or best offer. No low balling please. Like I said... He is a damn good lil pup, and I know what I have. Call, txt or email for further information and pictures. 225-347-4253 hogs.and.dogs88@gmail.com 10/18/13
I have a 6 yr old male plott for sale. This dog is a near perfect 10 in a bay pen, my son has won numerous trophies with him. He has been hunted in woods since he was 10 months old. He will find his own hog, ranges out depending on sign from 250 to 400 yards. He is semi open if hog breaks but does not cold trail. My son wants 500 for him. Call central Louisiana 318 305-0555. 10/15/13
have a 3 year old plot female for sell. Jam up dog. No bad habits. $1200. Not a cull. I am just getting out. Columbus MS 662-574-5196 10/15/13
5 year old plot female dead broke hog dog mainly used as a strike dog open on track will do a 1 week trial with cash in hand asking $700 or will consider garmin collars on trade call or text 501 749-4006 located in Arkansas 10/15/13
I have a 4yo Plott gyp for sale she will run and bay a hog $300. Call or text 251-472-7111 10/08/13
I have Three 10 month old UKC registered Plott pups for sale one male and two females very smart should make very good dogs, I just have too many dogs and need to sell some. I hunt there parents and the same stock dogs one bear and hog. I have made this cross multiple times and never owned or Hurd of a bad pup out of the cross. The stock goes back to cascades big timber and roarks smokey. Call for price and more information. If interested call (828)-337-0485. 10/4/13
Central Louisiana- 9 Year Old Registered Plott Hound for sale. Dog is past her prime, but will still chase game. She is slow and not in prime running shape. I've kept her as breeding stock but I have not got her bred; although I would still like to. She is a very easy handling dog and she has produced pups before. Great dog around the house, no fuss and gets along with other dogs. No health issues. She is a heavy Weems bred dog. This dog in her prime was used on coon. She will still run coon and squirels and I've run her on hogs a couple times this year. Used her last winter to trail wounded deer. This would be a great dog for a young kid who wanted a dog of his own that will get out and hunt 300-500 yards. If you are looking for a top notch hog dog that will trail and bay bog boars, this is not the dog for you. This dog is gritty but due to her age and shape, she would not be much competition for a rank hog. If you are really interested in this dog you can call or text me. I've told you everything I can about this dog. Im not offering a trial or guarantee for this dog, I've tried to explain what she will do. $250.00 Cash (337) 378-5512. Jon 10/01/13
He will find a hog and stop it bays tight catch when catch dog catches good nose med to long range silent bays tight 600 352 586-7775 9/13/13
I have a UKC reg plott gyp 4 yr old. Med nose, bays great easy handling dog quiet in pen. Call with ???? 3522812262 located in N FL $500. 09/10/13
I have a reg. male plot bout 1 1/2 yrs old. He is a started dog been on several bays silent on track. He is a well built dog and doing good I am just getting away from hounds. 251-847-3598 after 5 in alabama 09/03/13
Long range male plott hound. Hog and bear. Six years old does not quit.you unsnap him and he's gone hunting. Gritty but smart. Cold trail expert that puts a hog at the end (936) 714-6784 09/03/13


Walker Dogs for Sale! I have 2 year old walker dogs! they have been started a little on hogs but could easily be broken from that if you didn't want them to run that anymore. They are some fast and long legged dogs with a deep voice. 2 males. The only reason for selling is that i just got out of my lease and dont have time to run them as much as they need too! Located in Port St. Joe Florida. call or text me at (850)358-1457 anytime. i am willing to work a decent price just call me and we can work one out 4/1/14
Running walker deer dog about 2or3 years old need it to be able to take a track or make a drive with one need it to have a lot of speed and a loud mouth and be able to catch it when it time to go I live in Texas but my deer lease is in La. 936-524-1531 if I don't answer leave message 4/1/14
2 year old ukc walker hound. Won't tree a coon but has ran the heck out of hogs and deer. Have shocked him on deer and he stayed clear of them for a couple months. He is fast and will run all night. Just wont tree and I don't run hogs. $250. 918-816-0970 3/25/14
I have a 1 1/2 year old walker gyp she bays tight but not to gritty. Shes trash broke and silent on track but will open up a little bit if the hog breaks. Shes struck multiple hogs for me I just need to slim down on dogs. I'm asking 350 for her. 979-203-5253 3/21/14
Walker female 5 years old straight on hogs and bear. Not registered.$500. Guaranteed. Western NC 828-361-5382 No text 3/18/14
I have a 1 1/2 year old walker gyp. She's found her own hogs a multiple times. She's trash broke and is quiet on track but if the hog breaks she'll open up. I'm asking 500 for her 979-203-5253 3/18/14
I have a July walker gyp about 1.5 old, she is a well started dog. Been on a bunch of hogs in the past. She has found her own hogs. She just isn't consistently finding hogs yet. She ranges out good, she is long range once on a hog. Text 601-527-3975 for more info and pics. 3/4/14
Walker male dog that has been run on hogs and bear. This is a young dog about three years old that has done some trailing by himself and has a good nose. A few more years and he will make a great finished trail dog. Has a lot of hunt and grit. $500 252714 2298 nc 3/4/14
I have 13 walker puppies for sale they were born on December 5th 2013. been worming them about every two weeks. $25.00 each. Call for more info. # 386-688-4369 can send pictures 2/25/14
2 Walker Dogs for sale or i am willing to make a trade too! I have two 10 month old walker dogs both are males and love to run! They need a little work but if you have the time they could be some jammed up dogs! They will run deer or hogs really just whatever you start them on! Nothing is wrong with them i am just getting ready to move and dont wanna take them on that long of a trip! very nice and friendly dogs. I dont have a set price but text or call me at 850/358/1457 located in Port St. Joe Florida. 2/18/14
I have a Walker dog for sale about 3 years old. He hunts his ass off will catch small hogs and bay big ones. He just barks on track and trashes from time to time. Big stout nice dog. 400.00. Call 903-721-2268 2/13/14
Silent walker 5 yr old male loves a hog hunts out good... will go the distance to stop one...700 obo.......2293226226 1/21/14
Got 3 walker deer dogs for sale 75 a piece or trade for something that don't eat text anytime at 985-515-4873 12/31/13
I have 2 male walker deer dogs for sale guaranteed to run deer, there my best 2 dogs an there fast, im selling them together because they run at there best when there together,I don't even want to get rid of them but I'm moving an I have to get rid of all my dogs, $600 firm area:Suwannee county Phone:386-688-1531 12/24/13
Pure bred walker male. 4 1/2 yrs old totally finished trail dog. Will take very old tracks. Will stop hog. He will catch a small hog. Open mouth to semi open. Listens great. Will trail and tree bear too. About a 45 lb dog. Located in north fl. Priced firm at 4,000. Will show in the woods for the same price. Call 904-352-9535 12/17/13
1 walker registered female been on lots of hogs and a few bear. This dog is only about 18-20 months old. I have to many dogs and have to cut back $400 Eastern NC 252-714-2298 12/6/13
I have a 1.5 yr old walker male, that's crazy about a hog. He's found 1/2 dozen on his on . A lot of mouth , but will find and catch his own. Hunts good with others and will stay with pack , if u hunt him by himself he will only hunt out 3-400 yrds then chk back in. He is well started and will take 300$ only because I'm raising some pups and don't have time to hunt him.(704)985-5249 11/27/13
Walker male two years old. Trail his own hog and stay on it. Pretty cold nosed dog and with a few more hunts will be finished. 500 252-714-2298 11/15/13
Silent on track so far, younger than two years, has only hunted hogs. Only reason I want to sell her is because I'm a yellow dog guy. If you're a looking for a silent hog dog hound then this may be your dog. $800.00 972-878-3095 11/13/13
I have a walker female med-very long range a tracking system is a must open on track is the reason im saling her just a habbit shes seemed to pick up located east Texas 600$ 2147913851 11/13/13
Walker Coon Hound Nice pleasure dog, goes and trees his own coon, No papers, 4 year old. Be good for a kid or older man that just want to go tree coons. Located in Bogata, TX $400 9032495213 cdbland84@gmail.com 11/13/13
4 yr old reg walker male will take a track from the road or cast hunt. 3522812262 11/13/13
I have a walker dog forsale hes paper! And on top hes creek zippo an botton is percy creek jingle bell the reason im saling him is because hes open on track an too long range tracking system is a must with this dog! I also have 2 black n tan and blue lacy pup 2 minths old and already baying on pigs! And a garmin astro 220 for sale.the walker is 600$ the pups are 100$ a piece or 175$ for the pair and the garmin is 200$ located in east texas txt anytime or call 214-791-3851 11/8/13
For sale Walker hounds. $75 each. Have some shots. They are 6 months 2 weeks old. email me at: Victoria.lopez78@yahoo.com 11/05/13
Four female walkers will be 5 years old in Feburary for sale $300.00 each. Three beagle walkers 2 females 1 male 3 years old $150.00 each or trade for GPS tracking system, they will trail jump and run. They will go back to where they were put out if not picked up before. Also have nine bealgle walker puppies 4 females 5 males born on September 4th 2013 $25.00 each. call Edmond @ 386-688-4369 or email edmondpittman@windstream.net 10/15/13
I have 2 treeing walkers 1 m 1 f both will take a track from the road. Run and bay good call for info. 3522812262 located in N FL $400 ea 10/11/13
I have a 3 Y/O Male walker. He will cast or take a track has good nose. Good loud mouth. Will run one all day. Does not bark in box or pen good minding dog. Trash and deer broke. Very fast will cut through blocks quick on a good runner. Will show in woods. $600.00 OBO Call or text Ricky for pictures & Info. 813-409-9555 10/01/13
Walker - I have a 18 month old walker female for sale i got her to breed her back to a cur dog but ended up breeding to a buddys dog instead so me and him could benefit, i have never took her hunting but she will bark at a hog in a pen and she has a bark that will blow the leafs off the trees when i bought her the man had the papers on her i told him i didnt want the papers didnt mean anything to me i wasnt planning on selling her i was planning on crossing her, i give 100$ for the dog and would sell her for $100, im not selling her as a hog dog but i do think she would make someone a hog dog, i do not hunt hounds or barking dogs i was just gonna try a cross and changed my mind located in thomasville al 1-334-456-1008 call or text Bo Pugh email bo_pugh@hotmail.com 09/24/13
Pure bred walker male trail dog. He is 4 1/2. Will take 20 plus hour track. Fast dog. Listens well. Rides on top of box unchained. Used on hog and bear. Trees hard. Has left a few very bad bear when he was the only dog there. I guarantee him. Price 3000. Located in baker county,fl. 904-352-9535 09/24/13
1 yr old walker started female.Trailing with old dogs bays tight.looks like she is going to be pretty gritty.150.00 850-527-7230 nw fla. 09/24/13
Free 3 year old female walker hound. Recently bred by full Blood hound. Located In Butler, AL Calls only no text Buddy@ 334-341-2366 9/20/13
5yr old ukc reg walker male trail/rig dog. Will run hog or bear located in N FL 3522812262 $600 call with question 9/20/13
Female treeing walker female 11months old doing good with other dogs on hogs. 300. Eastern NC 252-714-2298 9/20/13
Walker female 1 yr old well started trails with old dogs bays tight looks like she is gonna be pretty gritty.150,00 850-527-723 Nw fla 9/20/13
5 yr old male UKC reg walker trail/rig will run hog and bear 352 281 2262. 09/17/13
pure breed ebony walker hound pups two left male and female about four an half months already working on hogs serious calls only call Javier Vasquez or Dahlia Vallejo in Realitos Tx.361-527-2752 asking $400.eachif need I can send pics of them on hog 9/13/13


2 reg. redbone hound be a year old in April of 2014 will run a track and will range out male and female 200 a piece or 300 for the pair. 1-229-378-7590 Thanks 3/11/14
UKC Purple Ribbon Redbone Puppies for Sale! We have redbone puppies for sale. They are absolutely beautiful! They are UKC registered purple ribbon redbones. They have been dewormed and their shots are up-to-date. Priced at $400 each. We are L A Redbones located in Mobile, Alabama. If interested, call 251-344-4404. If we do not answer immediately, we will return your call promptly if you leave a message. 3/7/14
Redbone Strike Dog For Sale b. Male, 5 years old. Will strike, run, and bay his own hog. He is very independent. Very cold nosed. Straight baying until help arrives. Will put his teeth on a hog. Handles excellent. Leads and loads great. No aggression towards other dogs. Needs to be hunted regulary. c. 500$ or trade for a female BMC Strike Dog d. Call/Text anytime 3344294027 11/05/13
I have a finished 4 year old redbone strike dog. He's long range, trash broke, and silent on track. I'm asking 800 for him. I also have a finished 5 year old male pitbull. I want 200 for him. 979-203-5253 10/01/13


Blue lacy puppies, 4 blue females 2 red females, 1 blue male registered thru LDBA, 9 weeks old have had all shots and wormed ready to go working hog dog stock (woods dogs) $350 and $250 also have 2 new litters, located in Ada Ok (580) 759-9036 call or text 3/18/14
Started Blue Lacy I have a 17 month old blue lacy dog. Been on a few hogs, will catch with other dogs, and has found his own hog one time. Handles very well and will honor other dogs. $500 firm. Missouri. Please text/call (417)217-0818 for more information. 2/7/14
Red color, 18 months old, spayed and microchipped. Strong working drive, needs a job. $50.00. Email: runningquarters@gmail.com or text/call 817-475-9676 11/13/13
I have one Female LACY DOG, 9 Months old $200 I have to sale. Put in pen twice and has started bays some. Off of REALLY LONG RANGE HIGH DRIVE Dogs. I have way too many dogs, the plain was to keep her but I am selling a few of the dogs around 6 months old. Mike Louisiana 985-630-2460 09/10/13 SERIOUS CALLS ONLY PLEASE! 11/05/13
2 blue lacy pups 150 each, and 2 lacy/cat pups 100 each. These pups should make long range find dogs! Call or text (903)573-6157 northeast tx. 10/08/13
I have a MALE LACY DOG, 8 Months old $200 I have to sale. He is just now started and baying alittle. I have way too many dogs so I am selling a few of the dogs around 6 months old. Other options available. Mike Louisiana 985-630-2460 09/10/13

Other Hounds

I have a 3 yr old black an tan female she hunts med-long range 400-600 yd circles checks in and gone again 100% silent and 100% trash broke she is looser baying but will put teeth on a runner to stop it she will put you on the swine asking price is $2000 will budge a little text is best during work week 3617460701 located in temple tx 3/14/14
I have A red bloodhound for sale she turned 4 yr. old the 7th. of November. She has found a deer in water a little over ankle deep in a flooded bottom. She has a great nose! I'd like $1,200 for her or I would knock off most of or all the money for a good Garmin 320 or Astro with at least 1 collar. I'm in North Louisiana. 318)231-6911 3/7/14
stag hound started on hogs very fast Kathleen Florida $200 863 944 1119 2/25/14
2 yo Staghound bitch for sale. Used as a running catch dog. Extremely fast, great personality, 3/4 greyhound-1/4 Scottish deerhound. Dawsonville, Ga Call or text 7 seven 0 three 1 three 9 five 2 six. $450 2/21/14
2 Yr old hound well started been finding a lot of pig. Trash broke he's not junk not enough mouth for me listen to me guy when ypu drop tail gate he's gone if ypu have small places he not for you 903 392 3072 might trade 850 firm 2/13/14
Staghound, 1.5 yr, started RCD, black: $200. 210-222-8415 San Antonio, Texas. Do not text. 2/7/14
-Other Hounds got 2 registered bluetick gyp pups that are right at a year old. Started lightly on coon and will tree a little. There big and loud, uchtman bloodlines. Gonna make nice dogs im in east tx call or text me 936-524-4212 im asking $250 each 1/21/14
female bluetick coonhound ready for the woods. One year old. Price: $100 Email: houdiningrace@yahoo.com 12/31/13
I have a UKC PR reg blue tick hound 2 year old female will bay caged coon and has treed one time needs work but I've also fooled with her on shot deer . She has been on three and found one on her own. Silent on deer trail and bays dead deer well. Asking 250. Next dog is a UKC PR registered Phoenix pit female. Fawn and white in color with trimmed ears and double glass eyes. Plenty of blue in bloodline. IS NOT A CATCH DOG. I've tried and tried she is just not a catch dog. But is great for breeding or show. 400 obo. My name is Matthew . (229)-322-3398 . Call or text 12/13/13
6 yr old black n tan female. Will find in fresh sign, will honor a bay, not gritty at all. No dog aggression. Would be a good dog to start pups in a pen with as well. Located in Amite, la 225-347-4253 12/13/13
Selling for a friend:: Cash is a 9 month old Male black n tan/ Plott hound cross. He is very well started. He will take a hot track on his own, medium range (3-500 yards) but has ranged out further with other dogs. He is gritty,Will catch with your catch dog, gets grittier with other dogs. $100 obo Can show him in pen ...... I have hunted with this dog and can vogue for how he hunts. You can contact me for further information or to schedule a time to see him. 225-347-4253 He is located in Gloster, ms but I can bring him to Amite, la if needed. 12/13/13
Black and tan bloodhound puppies. 3 females left. Up to date on shots. 10 weeks old. $500 obo. Call for more info 904-347-4893 or 386-538-4916 12/10/13
6 + years old STAG HOUND GYP, Blue and white, Shaggy great handle. Lots of energy, fast!!! Catches hard(hogs) everytime Does great on coyotes too. Hate to sell her , but she deserves to be worked , Have no use for her anymore. She came from up north Oklahoma. UTD. Shots and dewormer No dog or people agression. Asking 300 $ firm, SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY Located in Ocala, Florida. Call or text for more info and pics. Cell:352-427-5769 Email:curdogs3006@yahoo.com 12/6/13
11 month old Bluetick male. Will trail and bay. Will cover another dog. Opens on track. Excellent nose and can carry a track. $400. 2 year old Bluetick female. Will trail and bay. Will cover another dog. Opens on track. $400. Will show in woods. Located in Louisiana. 318-548-5869. 12/4/13
Black and Tan 7 months, unstarted, male Contact: David 8634434237 11/27/13
I have a papered male bluetick, I have a video of it baying a hog. Needs woods work or you can stud him out. Real good looking dog. He is under 2 years old so he needs to mature a little still just don't have time. $495 obo 321-704-9159 11/27/13
Black and Tan hound approximately 20 months old. Needs Hunting. Will bay a hog in the pen. $250 386-288-2069 11/22/13
Bluetick puppies for sale. Ready to go. Registered with papers $150 each 386-365-4251 11/22/13
Two year old bluetick gyp never seen a hog. Was starting a pack of hounds but switched to bmcs so i never worked the dog. Will sell for 200 or trade a well started dog. Text 318-521-3660 Coushatta La 11/15/13
I have a blue tick for sale 300$ finished hog dog and a walker/pitt cross make offer.. contact andrew at 352-221-0583 11/13/13
Almost 2, started bay will run good with started dog, ukc registered 500 obo jamie7574@gmail.com 11/13/13
I have a blue tick hound 1 year old UKC registered never been hunted but a very good dog I asking 400$ text me at 8632322159 for pics and more info thanks 11/05/13
4 yr old registered blue tick male trail dog. Hunted on hogs and bear. Very good bear dog will stick with a mean bear. He is very fast dog. I am only getting rid of him because I have some you dogs doing good and would rather sell him. I guarantee him. Price is firm 5500. Tire kickers don't waist my time. This dog is the real deal. If you want a dog that will do it all by himself this is him. Located in north fl 904-352-9535 10/18/13
Purple Ribbon Bluetick pups for sale. 10 weeks old. Comes with wellness certificate and first set of shots. $350.00 Call, Text, or email if interested. Located in Keystone Heights, Florida. 2 males 3 females. Phone:(904)-868-4855 e-mail: bcollinsjr@yahoo.com 9/27/13
I have 4 hounds for sale 3 will take a 8 hr. track 1 will take a 12 hr. track sale or trade 8635593183 fl 9/27/13
year old bluetick female for sale all blue bluetick female, been hunted twice $250.00 334-790-5077 or 334-796-5267 09/24/13
I have a female beagle less than a year old. Would make a good deer or rabbit dog. I just dont need her because i only hog and bear hunt. She is a good natured dog and has alot of hunt to her. I am asking 60 dollars for her. North Florida 229-561-0256 09/24/13
I have a black and tan hound for sale she will hind you hogs I'm asking 150 obo contact me at 2293265528 thanks 09/17/13
AKC registered German Short haired Pointer puppies 4 males left dewclaws removed tails docked out of championship bloodlines first shots and wormed $500 863 944 1119 Lakeland Florida 09/17/13
UKC register 5 years old Used to be a good coon dog but was laid up for a year and a half been on hog in woods twice make a good hog dog contact me at 9854004802 or thomaswelch35@gmail.com 09/10/13
1 yr old UKC Cameron Bluetick has been started on hog. Has a big mouth call with questions 3522812262. Dog is not a cull I am just not hunting anymore. $400. 09/10/13
I have a 3 yr old blk/tan has med nose open mouth. Will run all by himself, bays good and not ill towards other dogs. Easy handling dog.$400 3522812262. Located in N FL 09/10/13
3yo male bluetick. Well started woods dog. Will not hunt a cutover at all. Would be good for someone looking for a pen dog as a puppy trainer, or a straight open woods dog. Has old injury to back leg, but it does not effect his hunting at all. He has been out of the game for over a year and is now fully recovered and ready to hunt. He is open track, and very very loose bay. Not gritty at all, will definitely keep the heat off a hog. But will put teeth on a sholt in a pen. Please contact 225-347-4253 for pricing and further information. Located in Amite, la 9/6/13
Have a 2 1/2 year old redtick , bought him for a silent dog he will open on a hot track . He has a good nose he will bay his on hog not trashy . Hunts good take 400$ - 205-544-5565 09/03/13

Jagd Terriers

2 yr old Jagd female out of Serbian import and Dixieland female. Trees good on caged coon. Need to move. 300 or trade on Australian sheperd. 301-491-6429. Maz2low@hotmail.com 4/15/14
2 yr old male jagd hunts good can smoke a track very gritty 500$ don't call or tex unless u r serious and got cash Oklahoma 9187663612 3/25/14
Jagd terroir male 2 year old can smoke a track very gritty 500$ if your not serious or don't have cash don't call or txt me Oklahoma 918766 3612 3/21/14
Jag terrier1.5 yr old never seen a pig . 15 inches easy to be around doesn't fight with other dogs kills cats and chickens. 350.00 (864)-363-4704 thanks for reading pass the word, also lots of nice ranch raised horses for sale 3/14/14
German Jagd Terrier Puppies Puppies born 1/22/14. Both parents are working blood dogs and will bay a hog, dogs will be UKC and German Jagd Registry of America registered. Can email/text pics of pups/parents upon request. As of right now, I have one female and one male available. Now taking deposits of $250 to reserve pups and pay the other half when you get your puppy. Located in Lindsay, TX $500 per puppy 940-727-9379 1/28/14
Jagdterriers, male and female, 6 months, out of different litters, european bloodlines, real nice, ready to start,papered, 350 each, florida, call for pics, 3522589040 1/21/14
I have a male jagd terrier that's 3 years old. He will bay but he's pretty rough, so if he gets a chance he's gonna try one! He will hunt by himself or with other dogs. He's a good little dog! Askin 650 obo. Call or text (828) 361-2342 1/14/14
Imported Jagd – BELLA out of (Supermen x Zyta) of V.F.K kennels in SERBIA. Sister to World Champion WjW Mister V.F.K 210-473-8436 1/14/14
Jagdterrier 1 three year old male out of imports hunts good not as rough as some bays good on big hogs can find his own hog 500.00 1 three year old female been hunted on all kinds of game , also blood trails hunts deep she in out of nite hunt kennels 400.00 need to sell have to move and can't take with me I will take 800.00 for them as a pair I have raised two litters out of them and the pups have made dogs used on all kinds of game from birds to bears . Call or text 573-247-5345 or email merameccurs@centurylink.net Salem Missouri 1/10/14
Jagd Terrier Pups for sale. UKC reg. out of Cumberland pack bloodlines. I have 2 different litters, one litter I have 2 pups that are around 12 weekd olds and both pups are rough coated asking $250. The other litter I have 2 pups that are 8 weeks old and both pups are smooth coated asking $250 for them also. All four pups are black/tan. Mendenhall, Ms. Email brittmagee12@yahoo.com 601-382-7200 or 601-382-9950. 12/24/13
I have a 3 year old male jagd terrier. He is a good hog dog and will bay or catch. He is good with people and other dogs . He loads up easy and is very fast. Hunts good by himself or with other dogs. He can’t stand a hog and will get rough with one in a heartbeat. The only reason I am selling him is because I bought him to breed with my female jagd terrier and she died on me 2 weeks. So I really don’t have a need for him anymore. I am asking $500 for him and I am firm on that price. I am in the upstate of SC my number is 864-554-6823. 12/17/13
coming 3 year old male doing good job on hogs can find his own not super rough will bay hunts good and handles great bigger type out of all imported dogs 500.00 3 year old female out of nite hunt kennels have used some on hogs she hunts real deep has super nose been used on blood trails and coon hunted 400.00 have 5 pups out of these two that are 2 weeks old willing to sell all as a package deal , otherwise have to wait till pups are weaned to sell female need to sell quick have to move and cant take with me. merameccurs@centurylink.net located in Salem , Missouri or 573-247-5345 12/10/13
Jagdterriers for sale or trade. Money or guns. $300 or more. From 10 months to 2 yrs. hog dogs. Don't call me if u r not serious. 2059653271 Addison Al. All started or near finished. 12/6/13
Looking for a blood trailing dog that can coon hunt or bay hogs, we may have what you are looking for. We have a litter of Jagdterrier pups born today. The parents of these dogs, Xena X Vader, first generation Serbian Import bloodline dogs, are both in our kennel. They are gritty hunting dogs with no reverse gear when dealing with a varmit. They have a great nose for blood trail work though using them just for blood trailing would be an underutilization of their breeding. They should be ready by January 20. Located in central Iowa. $500. 515-979-4418 11/27/13
1.5 year old Jagdterrier from Serbian bloodlines. Father was Apollo and mother Anna( both directly from Serbia. Unfortunatly my male got out and within 2 days he was neutered and placed with another family by the humane society. I finally got him back but now have to change my breeding program due to this incident. He is a very expensive dog and has tremendous strength, stamina and would make an elite blood trailing or hog dog. He is 40 CM tall and around 25 LB. Great with kids and family and pretty good with other dogs for a Jagd. I'm selling him cheap at $500 which is a fraction of his worth. If interested call me at 210-473-8436 11/22/13
Jagd Terrier Male - 2 1/2yrs Old - Rough Coated & Just as rough on a hog! Finds his own, winds out the box, silent on track, bays tight & if they give him a shot, he'll be hanging off the ear! He hunts hard, beats the briars down. Long Range/ Must have a Tracking System. This little guy is non-stop! $750 Comes with his custom made cut gear. Located in SC. 803-383-8931 11/19/13
Jagdterrier pups for sale. 3 weeks old. Taking deposits. Will be ready right before the new year. 2 males, 3 females. Dam is dixieland bred. Sire is Serbian import (Assi X Frenky Wom Falcon Forst). Should make good all around hunting dogs (hogs, ground work, or blood track). I had a wait list for these pups stored in my phone but my phone drowned and I lost the contacts so I'm sorry to those who were on it. Lesson learned. Call with any further questions. 352-494-0108 11/15/13
Jagdterrier for sale 750 each phone 7863268474 e-mail artrodex@msn.com 11/13/13
2 year old male. Has been worked in a hog pen. Will catch 150 pounds or less. Will try anything larger but will bay'em up. Has been out in the woods a couple times and will work all day. Will work a track and likes to ride four wheeler. $500 or trade for a Black Mouth Cur that has been started. 706 836-9690 11/13/13
Jagd Terrier Male - 2 1/2yrs Old - Rough Coated & Just as rough on a hog! Finds his own, winds out the box, silent on track, bays tight & if they give him a shot, he'll be hanging off the ear! He hunts hard, beats the briars down. Long Range/ Must have a Tracking System. This little guy is non-stop! $750 Comes with his custom made cut gear. Located in SC. 803-383-8931 11/05/13
Near finished jagdterrier for sale. $650 Addison Al. 2059653271 or clayalston@gmail.com 11/01/13
Free Dogs Jag terrier 11month old pups free to a good home. Parents are proven hog dogs, I just have too many. Price: free Phone #: 205-272-2330 9/20/13
I have a 1 year old UKC registered Female Jagdterrier available for $650 obo. Shipping is available at the cost of buyer. This dog has a GREAT nose, has seen coons, fox, possum, and boar. Will catch small ones and bay on bigger boars. Both parents are imports, Sire is : Rex of Best. Dam is Arca Mad Hunter. There are many other great jagdterrier guys that have littermates of this female. I'm located in MN. Call on weekends anytime, Text-anytime. $650 763-229-8008 9/13/13
Jagdterrier bitch (registered), 4.5 yrs. old, bays good but real catchy,strong drive,easy to handle $700. Allendale SC Call 803-671-0013 or email jim@birddogrealty.net 09/10/13

Other Breeds


Female Dogo Puppies

Two female Dogo puppies for sale. Purebred but no papers. Father is Argentino import. Both parents are working catch dogs. Born July 25, 2013. All shots and worming are current. Call or Text to 850-672-0624 or email psisk@hughes.net


Two German short hair pointers for sale. One is a 3 yr old fm that is very well started. Has found her own hogs before. She will range 400 yds until hits sign. The male is 11 months old and is started in pen. 500 for both or will trade. 4/8/14
3 yo finished male English pointer birddog for sale. Hunts hard. Winds off truck. 1200$ firm. North Florida (904) 508-4821. 3/28/14
I have a aussie 3yrs old finished silent mouth bay dog asking $600 for her she is a rank dog also have a catch dog for 200. Call or text me at 352-210-5823 or trade both for a four wheeler both damn good dogs getting out of hunting got. A baby on the way ain't going to have time to hunt 3/28/14
I have a Dogo Argentino for stud. He weighs 120# at 15 months old. He is AKC registered and has been shown AKC. He has a top quality pedigree. He is catching hogs, very powerful and aggressive hunter. He loves people and has an exceptional temperament. He has proven himself to be a fertile producer. $1000.00 and a puppy or $3000.00 if I don't want a pup. For pics and more info call 870-833-2429, leave message or text. Or email garygringo@hot mail.com 3/18/14
Puppies occasionally from our german imports. Heideterrier Kennel vom Kalten Zweig Ray Beaty, ph 229-224-8294, visenhoeve@aol.com 3/18/14
5 month old dogo already catching on little pigs in the woods he is going to be a good one 150$. 9183974450 Tulsa ok 3/4/14 NEUTERED MALE DOGO CATCH DOG 2 ½ YEARS OLD ABOUT 60LBS. NOTHING WRONG WITH HIM BUT WE JUST DON’T A CATCH DOG ANY MORE. GOOD WITH THE KIDS AND NOT DOG AGGRESSIVE WE BOX HIME WITH OUR HOUNDS. PRICE= $250 PHONE = 863-701-6547 OR EMAIL JAMESGOFFE@HOTMAIL.COM - LAKELAND FL 3/4/14
Papered Dogo Pups Okc We have 2 female 15 week old dogo pups. Both parents are hog dogs. Great temperament with humans and love hunting. Both papered. $800 per puppy. 405-833-3244 Oklahoma City Jaredtyler16@yahoo.com 3/4/14
Finished male German shorthair pointer strike dog! The dog is long range and is not ruff! Will get gone and find u hogs! Pretty we'll trash broke! Will take 1000 for him! 5129663529! 3 yrs old 3/4/14
Male rednose catch dog very good looking dog handles and loads good rides on top of the box alot of drive and will get to the bay fast and will catch everytime good with other dogs and people asking $100 or trade for finished female bay dog or possibly catahoula or bmc pup text or call 912-425-0740 located in Sylvania, Ga 2/28/14
Patterdales Terriers male and female. The male is right at a year old great young dog he is wirehaired but not a real heavy coat. Been worked on coon,possum,fox and will catch a hog. This little dog is tough as nails. Bred good he isn't registered but can be nkc reg mostly booth and nuttal. Female is 3 and been worked on same stuff as the male and is just as gritty and great momma dog. Really fine little gyp. Also bred very well she is PTCA reg and slick haired. Hate to sell but focusing on other projects. Will be picky on who gets them. Males is $250 Female is $350 will sell as pair a little cheaper. Also may trade on a drahthaar young dog or pup. Call or text 4237361281 I'm in East Tennessee 2/25/14
AKC registered German Shorthaired Pointer puppies out of working dogs championship bloodline puppies will be ready in 7 weeks taking deposits now first shots tails docked dewclaws removed registration papers in hand Kathleen Florida 863 944 1119 2/25/14
Have a couple Started Dogs For Sale, Male & Female, Located in Blackville, SC, Call for Info 803-671-4079 2/21/14
4 Female puppies left to choose from. Born Dec. 10th, The pups come from a long history of proven hunters. They are high energy and growing fast. Serious inquiries can call or text for more info and pictures. $1500 each. We are located in East Texas near Quinlan (469) 230-3800 Ryan. $1500 (469) 230-3800 schullerserenitytreeservice@gmail.com 2/7/14
We have a litter of dogo puppies athttp://dogosdelalunallena.com Our two year old female morgana who is out of the Los Colinas and Las Pampas Lines, Has been bred to Sancho from the respected Los Cazadores kennels near San Antonio for an Expected delivery date in early April 2014, Both Parents are FCI and AKC registry, We use them as running catch dogs, They also hunt and find there owe hogs. The puppies are $2,500 each with a $500 deposit. Call 936-419-6034 or 936-419-3988 1/28/14
Started akc registered German shorthaired pointer for sell I have akc registered gsp for sell. He is just under 2 years old. Will find his own pig but is not finished. He is close-mid range. Silent on track. Really catchy will try one unless its just too rank. Really fast dog. $500 firm. These dogs aren't cheap as puppies so don't try and lowball. Located in upstate SC. Call or text 8648715453 1/28/14
Tri-colored beagles for sale. 3 females and 2 males available. Mother on site, proven hunter, will run in fox pen or out of pen. Father proven hunter.8 weeks old Jan. 29th. $175.00 each. Call 850-546-0420 or 850-546-0231. Located in Wing, Alabama. 1/28/14
I have 4 bloodhoud puppies for sale. All have full health certificates and are AKC registered. They are 9 weeks old and ready to go to a good home!!! Im asking 750$ per pup call or text 386-233-5193 1/28/14
Patterdale Terriers. Proven workers out f imported bloodlines: Roberts, Gould, Swaub, Booth, Nick Stevens and Scott Murdock lines. Pups start at $300 each. Call for availability. Dale Gill Terriers. 918-230-7536 or 918-843-2095. 1/14/14
Airedale AKC registered pups ready to go from working parents. $600.00 678-936-7203 1/7/14
I have a 3 1/2 year old female black n tan curdog . she is med to long range if there's a hog she will find him this dog is gritty,loves a hog and will catch. great natured and listens $400 352 424 1863 central fl 01/03/2014
Airedale pups born Dec. 12 reg, 5 males and 2 females available black and tan in color medium to large size out of Hunting parents . Parents used on coon mainly but also used as versatile hunters.. AKC reg. Will be uptodate on shots and worming. Email floydriver@midlands.net phone 712 441 0124. Please only call if your serious. for pictures email me..... $ 500 hundred firm and if needed shipped $ 300 for shipping 12/31/13
Finished rcd she is 3yrs old easy handle trash broke silent med to long depending on signs will also answer a bay well mannered had since pup. Comes with new cut vest and collar 500 bucks the 3525867775 Florida.... 12/31/13
I have a 3 yr. old STARTED Blood Tracking dog for sale. Used for tracking wound deer. Breed is a Hound I'm in Houston Texas, been tracking with him in South Texas. Price $2000.00 Rick 281-853-7423 12/31/13
Female Dogo from US Hog Outfitters for sale. 4 years old, been catching hogs sense she was 10 months, will track and find and catch her own in fresh tracks, hunted her by herself for a year, $200, Going to registered dogo's, would keep her but she does not get along with my lab so she has to go Freeport Tx 979-824-5109 12/24/13
Finished 3yr rcd. She is easy to handle med range silent trash broke ground hunt or rig hunt you can take just her to the woods and get the job done she comes with cut collar and cut vest $800 plz don't waste my time will show also plenty pics and videos and reference 352-586-7775 12/13/13
Started dogs for sale! Call for info! 3 of them! Find and bay in 30 acres wooded pen! Luke 9034317255 12/13/13
I have a 3 year old Jip. She is a finished long range dog. She will range out 600+ yards just hunting and 1+ mile when on a hot track. She does not quit very easy. She isn't very rough but rough enough to stop one. Located in Bay City Tx. (832)330-8007 12/10/13
For Sale female registered mountain cur. River Oaks Jack/ Sadie Lou. Born 6/19/2011 $250 843-344-2899 12/4/13
6 yr old male finished dog. Has been lead dog for 4 yrs. I sold everything else I had and kept this dog so I could train some young dogs . If you buy this dog I'll throw in a gps 320 w 2 collars, and brand new cut vest and two new cut collars. 2,500$ 940-465-4450 12/4/13
2 male Patterdales Terriers One 4 year old rough coated male he is a good leggy little dog. He was worked just on hogs before I got him and did well. I have worked him a lot on coon and he has no back up at all. Plenty of grit. $300 Also have a male pup out of him and my best female. He is going to be a heck of a dog. 8 months old and has worked several coons and possums already. $300 or take both for $500 price may be negotiable to right home. Two tough little dogs call or text 423-736-1281 no calls on Sunday or after 9 pm et I am in east Tennessee 11/27/13
Heideterrier litter due end of December from german import Lili Lonsmeute Pups....$450.00 Visenhoeve@aol.com 229 224 8294 11/27/13
Bird dog 7 month gyp started $200 firm picked up here.727 494 5289 new port richey fl. 11/27/13
Finished 3Yr old mt cur gyp med range silent on trail gritty trash broke easy to handle no bullshit here 800 selling out she gets it done. ...352-228-1235 Pointer female 7 months old started on small hog is gritty.$250 no papers 727 494 5289 new port richey florida.just north of tampa. 11/22/13
2/12 yr Mt. Curr male. Fast hard working dog. Does great winding from a rig. Bay's tight and will catch anything under 200lbs. The only reason for selling is I'm going to straight bay dogs and he is the only one I got that catches. Great dog. $1,200 firm. 870-219-1823 west tn 11/19/13
I have 4 purebred Bull Terrier puppies that were born September 8, 2013. There are 2 males and 2 females, show potential, and all are brindle and white. If interested email me at jol0001@auburn.edu 11/15/13
Dogo started dog 7 months Started puppy. Caught on the ear the hogs she has been on. Still has a lot of growing to do. Columbus Georgia or Phenix city Alabama area. Feel free to call or text. $300 706-681-3809. buckandberta@yahoo.com 11/13/13
Finished hog dog about 3 1/2 - 4 years old female is fixed, bird dog, trash broke will find own hog for sale $400.00 or trade will guarantee dog for one week for money back pick up only in Mayo FL or Old Town FL contact Levi @ 386-688-0677 11/13/13
Purebred male Argentine Dopo for sale. Birth date 01/07/2013 will be 10 months old in 2 days. Solid white coat with small black spots and hazel eyes. Around 90-100 lbs and still growing. On pigs as a puppy but has been family companion for the past 4 months. Will make great catch dog with training. Already an amazing family/kid friendly dog. Asking $1000 cash. Contact Shane at (361) 290-6214 11/8/13
I have a 1 yr old Parker male pup. Been in the woods twice. He barks on track. I'm sure he will come out of it. Really good lookin dog. Asking $650. Call or text 985-320-5683 for any questions. Thanks Located in south la. Scottyneedham@yahoo.com 11/8/13
Trying to sell a registered brindle mountain cur female that will find a hog on her own and bay it up and a blue catahoula male that will run and catch he's a real gritty dog and a bulldog that's only a year in a few months old that will catch sell the whole pack for $600 located in Charleston SC 8435579952 11/8/13
Dogo Puppies for Sale ~ We have two litters of Dogo puppies for sale. One is almost four weeks old, the other is 2 weeks old. They are out of hunting our stock and have had great success with this stock. We use them as Running Catch Dogs but can also be used as lead in catch dogs. They will also hunt and find hogs. We have four males left out of the oldest litter and 3 males and 4 females out of the youngest. You can text me at (318) 308-7332 and I can send pictures. Located in Central Louisiana. $600 email: jsikes723@me.com (318) 308-7332 11/05/13
Argentine Dogo Pups 12weeks Ears Cropped. Both parents are imported from Argentina and are 100% Catch dogs $1500 without Registration, $2500 with reg. "California Catchers" (323)333-8178 11/01/13
Infantry Cane Corso pups due in Dec! Used for herd protection and as hunters for boar bear and elk! Veteran owned! Contact Ameer at timothy_ taz_bowen@yahoo.com 11/01/13
Staffordshire bull terrier (not pit bull) 2 females both are fawn colored and will be ready to go in about 4 weeks. Both parents have plenty of grit in a small package. Mother has been worked along side my patterdales on coon,fox,possum. Dad has caught hogs. Both parents get along great with other dogs and anybody they meet. Pups should stay under 40 pounds. Will be NKC registered. $600 each call or can text 4237361281 no calls after 9 or Sundays please. I am in East Tennessee 10/25/13



Champion Bloodline Registered Goodman Hound Running Dog - Westbrook's Sky Rocket at Stud

10 to 15 hour hound. Silent on track. Rocket is a Straight proven hound on hogs. Goodman hounds are bred to hunt bobcat, mountain lion, bear, coyote and fox. These dogs will do it all. No quit in them. If you want to put some range in your dogs then breed them to Rocket. Registration papers available if breeding to registered females. He has proven pups. Also have some running dog cross pups for sale. Serious Inquiries Only!$200 At Stud Call or text (903) 876 3878 or (903) 721 9791


9 month old Airedale male. Well-bred. AKC registered. Shows potential to be a good dog. Good nose and mouth. Very gamey. Loads and rides well. A real looker too. The bad is this. This dog was not socialized well when he was a puppy. It really takes some time for him to bond to someone new and even then you have to be careful in how you handle him. He does not try to bite you, just cowers down. Handles great on a lead. He really likes other dogs and is in no way dog aggressive. He just likes dogs better than people. I have spent a bunch of time with him as he has been sleeping in the house and riding in the truck and the more time you spend with him the better he gets on handling. He is a little bit of a project. I do think that given time he will come out of it. I would like to see him go to a home where he can be worked with.one-on-one and where he will be given a chance. I truly just don't have the kind of time I feel it is going to take. FREE to a good home. My name is Steve. You can reach me at 843-260-6693. Florence S.C. area. 10/11/13
Kemmers for sale!! I have a litter of full blood Kemmer mtn curs from a line bred family I have had for over 20 years(From Robert Kemmer), They are the real deal and out of proven hog dogs. Im keeping 2 so there will be 5 for sale (cheap) $100 I don’t breed dogs to sale but I don’t need them all so get em while they last, they are 6weeks now so they are almost ready! Durant, Oklahoma. Text for pictures. 580-916-0067,hogcatcher69@yahoo.com Thanks for looking. 10/01/13
11 month old airedale terrier male. AKC registered. Hunting Stock. Big, blocky build. Around 55lbs. Gamey, hates anything with fur. Should make someone a nice hog dog for both trailing and catching. $500. Call or text Steve at 843-260-6693 for more info. I guess this dog should be put in the other breed category if there is not one for airedales. My name is Steve Taylor and my number is 843-260-6693. 09/24/13
Patterdale terrier - Patterdale female adult. Will work, 18 lbs, black smooth coat. Heavy nuttal, hammonds blood, Will trade for horse or dog equipment. Don't waste my time. $250 817-729-3041 text only 09/24/13
2 y/o papered female Deutsch Drahthaar, she is started on hogs and well started on blood trailing wounded game. So far she is silent on trail, not very gritty but will bite one enough to stop it. Handles great and listens well. I recently got another finished dog and now I don't have the pen space for her. Located in central FL. Asking $400 obo. Call or text for more info. 813-215-8146. 09/24/13
Finished Mountain Curr 4 yr old full blooded male. Medium range, until he strikes a hog. Completely trash broke. Silent. Good nose. Gritty. Handles really well. Will relay. Hunts good by himself or with other dogs, especially females. $2,000 firm. Serious calls only please. Call Zach Conaway with Too Tight Kennels @ 912-661-0035. Savannah GA 9/20/13
leopard female 1&a half years old very well started very gritty and fast $400 firm for more info or pictures call 863 944 1119 Lakeland Florida 9/20/13
Heideterrier ~ German Import heideterrier female 11 mo. old, very gamey. $2000.00 email: visenhoeve@aol.com 229-224-8294 09/17/13
I have a 3 year old Florida curr male white and buckskin in color he has been hunted some but needs to get in the woods more has caught with other dogs will finish out to be a good dog with some work 100.00 863-662-9757 RANDY CROFT 9/6/13
OMCBA Male: I have a 6 month old original mountain cur. He is out of two finished squirrel/coon dogs that also bay hogs if they find them. I just have two many dogs at this time and don't have time to mess with him. $250 Email: matthewrbarnard@hotmail.com or 870-904-9536 09/03/13

American Bulldogs

2 year old American Bulldog male. Has never seen a hog but is out of catch dogs. Around 90 lbs. VERY STRONG!! Very gamey, have let him have some coons when I was done with training my hounds. $250. 918-816-0970 3/25/14
8 weeks old ready to go NKC registered American Bulldog Puppies 2 females left. Shots,wormed,tails docked. 500 dollars call john 813-770-5841 3/25/14
NKC Reg. American Bulldog Puppies, Dad is a great hog dog, 90+ pounds, email for pics, $600, located in Plant City, Fl. shellyfbarber@aol.com 2/25/14
NKC registered American Bull Dogs. Super loyal family dogs as well as great mild mannered catch dogs. Both the mother and father are working dogs. Mother is by far the best catch dog I have ever been around she is smart and catches the ear every time. the father is a force to recon with he hits hard as a tank. He doesn't think he just hits. unbelievably strong. Neither dog has aggression towards other dogs. I even ride my male with my male baydogs in the box. Pups will be ready in two weeks. Pups are $250 Located in Valley Al. Call or text 334-476-1659. Plenty of videos of the parents catching. 1/21/14
Nkc registered puppys due February 4th. Sire is very large mother medium sized pics of both available. First come first served taking deposits price is 600 dollars o.b.o. They will have first shots. Text or call John Jones @ 813-770-5841 1/7/14
American Bulldog American bulldog puppies Johnson bloodlines Great catch dogs Excellent pets with gentle disposition Hancocks Mt Hogdogs ph 870 204 0663 11/8/13
Young male American Bulldog not fixed. Good with other dogs and shown a hog 1 time and went right to catching should make good catch asking 100 bucks obo located in plant city Florida. 8137705841 John 10/25/13
Two am bulldog stared catch dogs. 100 a peice one is a yr old and one is a yr and a half. Southwest Ms 6012486095 10/15/13
I half gauti half razors edge bulldog. Started. $150 Jayess Ms (601) 757-6404 10/15/13
1 1/2 yr old American bulldog mainly white with dark brindle patches. Very well behaved and listens well. non aggressive towards people and other dogs. weighs over 100 lbs. will not catch as of now $250.00 Doug Rowland 813-781-0575 10/15/13
Pure American bulldog male will for sale around 3 years old registered catch dog for sale 500.00 obo In Louisiana 318- 805-1569 for pics 10/4/13
ARF registerd old southern Bulldoggs generations or working dogs bred for drive workability and serious mouth. This is the magnum catch dog with no American bulldog blood and true working dog conformation with lots of air for their weight. Several colors including blue and red merels with or without blue or green eyes. Heavily pigmented- pups more than 50 percent white discounted on price. Serious handelers only. pups 500. call 1 207 205 3927 9/27/13
I have a red bulldog that will catch a good size hog and go to a hog bay as long as you get him fairly close and he can hear the dogs pretty good. I have not owned him very long and i just dont need him I already have a good catch dog. I am guessing he is a little over a year old. I am asking 80 dollars for him. He is well mannered and gets along with my other dogs. North Florida 229-561-0256 09/24/13
Good looking blockhead american bulldog male in tact. Ready to be started first 150 obo gets him. He is young and ready call john or text 8137705841 can send pics 09/10/13


Boudreaux/Gator bred female. Hits hard and is finished. Very Short but stocky... She is brindle with white..... Also have her daughter bred the same way who is 6-7 months old... Has a high natural drive and has already caught on the jaw once. Would really like these two to go together. No dog aggression except with food. Located in Amite, la 225-347-4253 4/15/14
I have 4 dogs for sale. Need to sell A.S.A.P. I have two 5 year old pitts they are black and white litter mates (papered) 200.00 each obo. I have a 3 year old blue and white female pitt (papered) 175.00 obo. And i have a 2 year old female strike dog she is half black mouth cur half pittbull 125.00 obo.... Im located in Southeast Louisiana.. Call or Text... (504) 385-5212 4/11/14
Female pitbull guarantee catch on ear, goes to bay, easy handle and easy to get off. Can put in box with any dog will not fight very experienced 4 yr, 60#, landlord will not let me keep pitbull or this dog would not go anywhere.$300. Call or text 239-462-2087 thanks. 4/8/14
2 1\2 year old male Bulldog, Approx 80-85 pounds, Catch only. $350.00 or trade for proven trail and bay dog. Serious bull dog owners only contact me at (813)-294-9245 (after 5:00 PM) 4/8/14
I have a 5 year old American pit bull dog he is buck skin in color, I've decided to get rid of him cause I have 3 other bulldogs I've just been keeping him for a reserve incase my other dogs were to get cut up he has had a lot of his teeth knocked out but still has 1 and a 1/2 k9s and all the small teeth in between them don't let that scare u I have caught some BIG hogs with this dogs way after he has his teeth knocked out asking $50 located in pine hill, Alabama. Text me at 2513624686 4/1/14
A. 4 yr old female pit catchdog B. finished 4 yr old female pit catchdog. 60 lbs, no dog aggression at all, very easy handle. C.$300 D.239-940-2200 4/1/14
I have a 2 yr old brindle pit for sale. He weighs about 40 to 45 lbs. great dog to take to woods. Likes to hunt and will catch anything. Asking $250. Call if interested 478-321-5027 or 478-365-5607. in macon ga. 3/28/14
Old Family Rednose Pitbull Pups 4sale These are the Grittiest dogs on the face of the earth! High Energy & ready to GO!!! Got 3 Males& 1 Female all 4 are High energy & ready to direct all that intense energy into catch'n some Hog! These Pups are nice! Nice enough to be your main Breeding Stud! Incredible looking as well! They are Midsize, wghs from 70 to 90lbs at full wght. bout 20-22 in tall, Agile, strong& run VERY fast! Leonesse Line Rednose's are true athlete's& worth every penny spent! Amber eye, blocky heads & muscular! Truly amazing animals! ADBA Reg... 12 weeks& ready2 go to their new owner! 500. firm for picks... I have two males willing to move for a 150 a piece wth out pprs but they got ears that need to be cropped! The picks have naturally croppy ears! located in Tri Cities TN leonesseOFRN@gmail.com 707-815-6492 3/28/14
I have a 5 year old pit. He's black in color and been on plenty of hogs. Catches hard and holds. Great temperament with people and dogs. He is NOT fixed. NO papers but 100% purebred. Only reason I'm getting rid of him is I have enough males and want a female. If you have a finished purebred female pit with the same qualifications as him I'd trade if not price is 300 firm. Located in Gaffney SC. Call or text 864-812-2215 anytime.thanks 3/28/14
I have a 3 year old blue pit catches like a freight train every time a good 30 to 40 hogs caught in woods with him he will go to a bay. Very trained good with kids and other dogs I hunt him on the back of the Atv but walks good to. Very thick dog probably 50 to 60 pounds I just have to many catch dogs at the time. Macon Georgia C.$250 D.478-508-7637 3/18/14
Full red nose female pit 3 y tall fast stays busy will run to bay has and will try and find her own $300 plant city 8139955384 3/18/14
I have two 5 year old male pittbulls for sale they are black and white papered litter mates and i have a three year old papered fawn female pittbull and a two year old papered blue and white female pittbull i am asking 200.00 obo for each of them or can work something out for more than one. I am located in Southeast Louisiana.... 504-385-5212 Call or Text anytime. All are real good dogs just need gone A.S.A.P. I travel for work and just don't have the time to work with them. 3/18/14
American red nose pit female around 3 years finish catch dog will run to a bay has found and catch several hogs on her own $400 guaranteed hog dog 8139955384 plant city fl 3/7/14
Now taking deposits on our pit puppies. Will be ready around April 12th, 2014. Will receive 2-3 sets of shots and be wormed a minimum of 5 times before going to new home. Both parents are JAM UP catch dogs. No dog aggression and great with kids! Asking $150 deposit and $150 at pick up. Price negotiable. Will consider trades for hog hunting equipment. Located in Amite, La...Will ship at buyers expense. you can visit www.tkhogdogs.weebly.com for pictures and further information. txt or call 601-300-0165 or 225-454-4566 3/7/14
Very High Quality Catch Dog pups for sale. These pups are ADBA registered APBT pups. They are gamebred. Even though they are game bred these are bred down from Gamblers GR CH Virgil bloodlines and maintain a very high level of dog tolerance in their personalities. I can take my dogs to dog parks. I’ve been breeding these dogs for 20 years and I don’t know of higher quality catch dogs anywhere. Very intelligent, great wind, super game, can catch anything, hog or cattle. I am selling these pups for a working mans price. The Sire is Brents Mack the Dam is Brents Plain Jane. The pups should be a lean 60 to 70 pounds full grown. Call or text me for question and pics and pedigrees. Price-500.00 plus shipping and crate, I’m located in Northern California Phone # 916-384-8247 ask for Brents 3/4/14
Blue female Pittbull 2 years old. Good with other dogs, not aggressive with kids. Has been on lots of hogs in the bay pen and in woods. $350.00. (843)907-3210 3/4/14
1 1/2 year old started catch dog. female 40lbs. she has been on a few hogs in the woods. $175 (334)654-1855 2/13/14
10 month old pitbul. Just Started catchin in a pen. $150 summit, ms 6012486095 2/7/14
CKC registered blue nose pitbull puppies, they will be ready to go in two weeks there are 9 girls left $500 greathousecj12@gmail.com 1/17/14
1 yof rednose pitbull. Will catch and hold on the ear every time. She will go to the bay when she hears the bark. Not dog or people aggressive. Asking $200 334-391-6851 Central Alabama 1/14/14
I have a female blue pit. I have started her on hogs to be a catch dog. Both parents big and stout both catch dogs. Supposed to be UKC reg. but breeder never came up with papers. She's almost a year old. Will catch and hold strong!!! But also good tempered, good around people and kids. Don't have time to give her the training she needs. Call or text for more info and pics. Thank you C. $250 D. 727-243-5963 1/10/14
Pit Bull Puppies For Sale. Have 4 pit-bull puppies for sale. 3 males and 1 female. Mother, Father, and Grandfather all proven catch dogs and great companions. Have had shots and wormed. Born 11/10/13. These are big healthily puppies going to be studs. Going to make awesome hog dogs. Will send pics of puppies. Located in North MS. Asking $300 for males and $250 for female Call or text 6626606207 or 6622555964. Email is jcd_duncan09@yahoo.com 01/03/2014
I have a 4 year old finished pit. He's about 60 pounds. I'm asking 200 for him. 979-203-5253 12/31/13
I have a female red nose 3 years old. She's been on many hogs and will catch no matter the size. Great with other dogs and leads and loads very well.200$ obo gets her. 850-441-0006 graceville fl 12/13/13
I have a blue pitt with papers... he will go out find a hog and bay until you get there and when he sees you he catches... I'm asking 650 for him and I guerantee him.. if you don't like him I will give your full money back.... contact me at 352-221-0583 thank you 11/30/13
I have an 18 month old red nose gyp forsale both parents are jam up catch dogs. She was given to a buddy of mine a year ago he only showed her a pig one time and she caught good with kids and other dogs. He moving and can't keep her and I don't have room asking 200 obo any questions please call 850-777-4238 11/22/13
Solid white rednose pit CD or rcd catches good. 200 252-714-2298 11/15/13
I have a 10 month old female pit bull catch dog for sale her dad is blue and white and her mom is chocolate they catch as well I can send pics of her and her parents asking $250 won't. Find a better deal call or text anytime 352-840-3375 11/13/13
Female red nose pit 6 years old catch dog been using her as a brood dog the last year and half call or text 9795713989 tx 11/8/13
Colby/red nose Ready to go getting their first shots today Mom and dad on premise Both female and males Have a solid white female and a white male with some brown and the others are brown Asking $150 Call Donald at 321-360-6442 Or email mds6602@yahoo.com 11/01/13
Excellent bred female pit bull for sale or trade, registered ADBA, jeep-red boy lines down from Sami the Arabs boomer and casino's Blackjack, has not been on a hog, however has a very high prey drive about 4 great nature around people, may need work around other dogs, should make a good dog or excellent breeder I am asking $500, only trade would probably be small dog that can track deer. Pedigree available on request. Located in southern Ky please respond to james.clark01@hotmail.com. 10/29/13
I have a year old red nose pit that catches hard and has been sent to bay two times. $200 call or text 9852373919. I can send pics 10/25/13
Im looking for a good blue pit pup preferably a male..dont want to pay a fortune but willing to negotiate call 6629022555 located in north ms 10/18/13
I have a 3 year old catch dog he is solid white with a black patch over one eye he will weigh around 100 to 110 does not fight another dog he needs to be used out of a pickup, foot,or fourwheeler there aint nothin this dog can't catch and hold the price is 500 he is in antlers ok 5803721211 10/4/13
I have a 3 year old pitbull catch dog he will catch anything and he has the scares to prove it. He is fast to the bay and when he hits you will need a break stick to get him off. He catches hard and don't let go. He is a very easy going dog don't start fights with other dogs. The only reason I am selling him is to make room for two litters of pups that are on the way. I will let him go for $300 I am in upstate SC 864-554-6823 9/27/13 Ridge, GA 09/24/13
I have one solid white female pit catching hogs in the pen. I am asking 75 for her and can show her catch. This dog is not dog aggressive and good around kids. Located in eastern NC. 252-714-2298 9/20/13
3 female 2 male pitbull puppies, have had first round of shots and been wormed. They come from hunting stock and will make great catch dogs or pets. Located in Louisiana $200.. email hogdog86@gmail.com 9/20/13
Blue pit pup for sale ~ I have a blue pit puppy she is 9 months old and is a great dog she is short and stocky just like her parents she is great around kids my 18 month daughter plays with her all the time I'm moving and can't take her with me I'm want 150.00 for her text me for more info 863-529-0168 09/17/13
Pit Bull Puppies - Both parents have caught many pigs. Pups are 8 weeks old and have had shots. They are $50 and I have 2 males and 6 females. 5017018752 09/10/13
American Pit Bull puppies - Born on 8-5-2013, game bred and will make great hunting dogs and pets. 4 females and 1 male $400 email me at hogdog86@gmail.com located in Pearl River, Louisiana 09/10/13
I have a 45lb Female Pit for sale. Finished. $150 Priced to move because of her size and because she is not off my stock. Michael Louisiana $150 09/10/13
Boatrights deep south kennels and hog removal , ADBA registered pit bulls adult catch dogs and puppies for sale great bloodlines. 912-346-4488 9/6/13
Year old spayed female blue merle pit bull. Before you call or txt stating she is not pure... Please do your research on this color in the breed as blue merle pits are Registrable with many associations please contact 225-347-4253 for pricing and information located in Amite, la 9/6/13
Game pitbulls: I have 3 new born pitbull puppies all females choclate with white markings very promising litter mom has exellent drive at 45 lbs and dad matches her drive and even more intensity mom is Zebo/Chinaman/jeep dad is almost pure Eli with a little bit of jeep no papers dead game asking $300 text my number at any time 601-896-5806 baysprings ms 09/03/13