Howdy Mate,
  Thanks Kim for taking the time to write.   You must be the person Ms B. Moore told me about that she was shipping some her plotts too.   I chat with her on the net quite a bit, shes quite a lady. 
  You asked about the accidental breeding that I had with my heat/roberts bred plott gyp with my neighbors Heeler.  Well, I can only tell you about the one I had, I gave the rest of them away.  I dont know anything other than two of them got run over and the one I kept.  The one I kept was a gyp. she started baying hogs real early and I took her to my training pasture a few times.  She did ok, but she took after her sire on his temperment around other dogs.   Even tho she was doing well by her self on baying and finding hogs, I culled her.  I just cant handle a dog that has an attitude around other dogs.  Even tho the cross was accidental, I wont be making it anymore.    To me, it sounds like it would work, but I can think of better ways to cross if I was to cross.
  Its my understanding that there might not be any plotts in Australia yet.  Hope the immigration (or what ever the animal transfer depts name is) is kind to you.  Its also my understanding that bull dogs and dogos are illegal over there too.   If Im correct, I sure hope they never get that rule in effect in our part of the world.   Bull dogs are a big part of hog hunting over here in the states.  I shipped some plotts to Istanbul Turkey a few years ago to a hog hunter that came over and went hunting with me with their parents..  
If you have an interest in plott history etc..   May I suggest you contact Paul and Brenda Orsbon who are Officals in the American Plott Association, which I feel priviledged to be a director of.  You might join the APA and receive their year end Brindle Book that is full of pictures and information about the plott of past, present and future.  Their email address is  What ever you do in getting dogs shipped to you, I hope you keep the registered breeds pure in at least the breeding of the gyps you buy.  On some of these lines of hunting dogs, the plotts, the catahoulas or what ever registered breed of dog your buying, years and years and years of breeding have been put together to make the dogs what they are today. 
Good hunting,

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